Pasta Biryani Video On The Internet Is So Bizarre That Even Aakhri Pasta May Wish He’s Joking! 

by Sanjana Shenoy
Pasta Biryani Video On The Internet Is So Bizarre That Even Aakhri Pasta May Wish He’s Joking! 

There is no end to bizarre, unthinkable food trends. Two dishes of diametrically different cuisines are put together in the name of food trends, fusion dishes and viral reels. And it’s a mismatch made in heaven that doesn’t do justice to either of the two dishes or cuisines. Today’s example is a ‘Pasta Biryani’ video doing rounds on the Internet. It’s so bizarre that even Aakhri Pasta of Housefull fame may wish he was joking.

Pasta Biryani Is The Latest Food Trend To Take Over The Internet

Food influencer, Karan Dua shared a reel of a bizarre ‘Pasta Biryani’ on his Instagram page @dilsefoodie. He supplemented his video with a caption wondering what bizarre food combinations, the street vendor was making. So he randomly tried Pasta Biryani. Well, we couldn’t agree more, especially after watching this video.


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In the video, Karan Dua asks the street vendor how pasta and biryani can be blended together in one dish. The street vendor very confidently says that he’ll feed him ‘Tadke Wali Veg Biryani’ or ‘Pasta Biryani’. He goes on to show him how it’s prepared. First, in a pan, the vendor adds sliced onions, diced capsicum, peas, carrots and sweet corn. Then, he goes on to add paneer.

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After this, the mixture is sprinkled with garam masala and kasturi methi. Once it’s cooked, the street vendor adds rice and fresh cream to the mixture. To steep the flavours, he adds a palak gravy from a vessel filled with chole palak. Then, it’s time for the magic ingredient — pasta. He serves the Pasta Biryani on a plate and garnishes it with grated cheese. Is it biryani? No! Is it pasta? No! Then what is it? Well, you’ll have to visit this place to even understand these “complex’ flavours.

Instagrammers Say “Italians Will Cry”

In no time the Instagrammers took to the comments section to express their disgust and displeasure. One commented that this dish would make Italians cry. Another stated that if a man from Lucknow marries a girl from Italy, ‘Pasta Biryani’ could be the result. Yet another Instagrammer comments that this dish could be the reason why aliens never visit Earth.

Untitled design (1) Pasta Biryani

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Well, what do you think of Pasta Biryani? Would you ever dare to try it even in your wildest of dreams?

Picture Credits: @dilsefoodie/ Instagram