Pasta In The Woods! Woman Claims 200 Kg Pasta Mysteriously Dumped In USA Woods

by Sanjana Shenoy
Pasta In The Woods! Woman Claims 200 Kg Pasta Mysteriously Dumped In USA Woods

Trust the Internet to always fill us in with all the mysterious happenings across the world. Sitting in the comfort of our homes, we’re well aware of UFO sightings, Yeti in the mountains and whatnot. Recently, a woman took to Twitter to share pictures of her unusual discovery — a huge mound of pasta in the woods.

Over 200 Kg Of Pasta Mysteriously Dumped In New Jersey Woods

Twitterati who goes by the handle pasta girl (@worrystonee) posted pictures of large amounts of pasta dumped in the woods in New Jersey, USA. In her caption, she reveals that someone mysteriously dumped 300 to 400 pounds of pasta in the woods. And she needs to know everything. So, do we! The pictures show humungous quantities of spaghetti, enough to feed an army lying amidst the lush greenery of the woods. 

It’s definitely the elephant in the room or the pasta in the woods. The heaps of spaghetti are left like a trail. And they pretty much steal the show. One picture even shows a mound of macaroni lying on the ground. Nina Jochnowitz for Old Bridge shared pictures of the same on Facebook and slammed the mayor of the township for ignoring the Sixth Ward. 

The Facebook user stated that the dumping of pasta in the woods comes as no surprise as people have often spewed garbage and construction debris there. She estimates the total pasta waste to be 500 pounds littered near streams intersecting with Mimi and Hilliard.

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Netizens Turn Investigators!

Netizens decided to become investigators on social media platforms to find out the perpetrator behind the pasta mess. @mol_lon_tweet tweets that this pasta crime took place at Veterans Park. The Twitterati further exclaims that it’s strange as not many Italian restaurants were in the vicinity. But the Twitterati guesses it could be Moose Lodge as they often host big events. Then there were many who retorted with memes and puns. One person comments “It’s pre-pastarous”. Another was concerned about what was under the pasta.

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Pasta lovers, what do you think about this “pasta in the woods” scene? Is it one of the most bizarre incidents you’ve heard of?