#PeakBengaluruMoment! Bengalureans Use Google Maps To Outsmart Traffic Police 

One Google Maps hack is giving Bengalureans a good time and the police a tough one.

by Sanjana Shenoy
#PeakBengaluruMoment! Bengalureans Use Google Maps To Outsmart Traffic Police 

Trust Bengalureans to use apps to use apps for everything. Take evading the traffic police as an example! Don’t believe us? Well, when it comes to innovations residents of India’s Silicon Valley are miles ahead, of even the traffic police. Read on to know how one Google Maps hack is giving Bengalureans a good time and the police a tough one.

Bengalureans Use Google Maps To Evade Traffic Police

It’s the job of the traffic cops in Bengaluru to stop people breaking traffic rules and fine them. These cops usually choose to station themselves in areas where a high number of violations are observed. Interestingly, several Bengalureans have actually marked the areas where traffic police usually stop violators. And they have marked these areas on Google Maps to alert other traffic rule violators.

Guru Mandagadde took to X (formerly Twitter) to share a screenshot of Google location tags. He types “police irta” on Google Maps and gets at least ten such locations as drop-down. He tells X users to just type “police irt” on Google Maps and thank him later. The location tags say in Kannada,  “Police irthare, Nodkond hogi”. This translates to “Police will be there, see and go.”

Netizens Say, “Indians Are Undefeated”

While this idea is unusual and even hilarious, it highlights a grave issue. Many violators may get away with things like riding helmet-less, driving without seatbelts or riding three-wheelers with over two passengers. Social media users also discovered another landmark which reads, “Helmet hakond banni, police irthare.” This means, “Wear your helmet, police will be there.”

Many pointed out that Waze, a navigation app already has this unique feature. Netizens took to the comments section to flood it with laughing emojis. Many were amused with this downright innovation of Bengalureans. One Netizen even called this hack “real social service”. Another said, “Indians are undefeated”. An X user found it unbelievable and another called it “crazy stuff”.

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While we’re highly amused with Bengalureans using Google Maps to outsmart the traffic police, we are concerned about violators getting away with breaking rules and putting the lives of other commuters at risk.

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