Peepe Wale Chole Kulche: This Man’s Been Serving South Delhi Folks Deliciousness From A Cycle

by Mallika Khurana
Peepe Wale Chole Kulche: This Man’s Been Serving South Delhi Folks Deliciousness From A Cycle

Indians are extremely fond of their street food. No matter where we go, we will always come back for those gol gappas and vada pav. Even the variety of street food in India is quite elaborate. The delicacies shift every few kilometres. However, an addictive flavour is what they all have in common. Speaking of street food, today we are here to disclose the best-kept secret of South Delhi to the country. ‘Peepe Wale Chole Kulche’ is at the core of South Delhi streetfood ethos and a staple for the local folks.

Peepe Wale Chole Kulche Are A 45-Year-Old Delicacy

It has been 45 years since Prem Pal Ji, fondly known as Pandit Ji, has been selling Peepe Wale Chole Kulche in South Delhi. This culinary master offers his Lahori-style, oil-free peepe wale chole, and everyone who has them once simply goes crazy after them. The uniquely prepared chole are simmered for hours in hard-to-find ghee cans. This unconventional method of cooling gives them a distinctive taste that you will instantly fall in love with.

Pandit Ji has a mobile kitchen on his bicycle, as well as everything he needs to run his venture attached to it. From trash cans to knife racks, he rides with them all. Prem Ji’s dedication to his trade is very impressive, despite the fact that he has no established business or address.

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A Street Food Like No Other

Peepe Wale Chole Kulche
Photo Credits: Internal

Popular South Delhi areas like Hauz Khas, IIT, and Deer Park are some of his usual spots. These delicious plates of chole kulche are priced from 40 bucks a plate to 120 bucks. Along with being adored by the locals, Bollywood stars like Bhumi Pednekar and Aparshakti Khurana also adore this mouth-watering street food.

While in conversation with Pandit Ji, we were in awe of his resilience and his dedication to hard work. He believes in Lord Krishna’s philosophy of putting in the hard work without focusing on the result, and it clearly shows in his spirit.

If you’re in South Delhi, just give him a call at 9582861534 and let him work his culinary magic. We assure you that this is an experience you won’t want to pass up.

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