This Remote Island In UK Is Looking For A New King And You Could Be One!

by Suchismita Pal
This Remote Island In UK Is Looking For A New King And You Could Be One!

On the end of Furness Peninsula in Britain, off the Cumbria coast, lies a picturesque island that can be accessed only by a ferry. Known as the Piel island, it spreads over an area of around 50 acres. What’s more, the island houses a heritage pub too, Ship Inn, which is one of the remotest pubs in the continent. Now, England’s Barrow Borough Council is on the quest for a landlord for the pub, who will also be declared as the “King of Peil”. The island has a century-old castle too.

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Key Responsibilities Of The King Of The Island

A king comes with a lot of responsibilities. According to ABC News, the authority has stated that to be eligible for kingship, one must have stability and the capability to adapt to weather changes, isolation and power problems. Also, he will have to look after the island’s maintenance. The greatest catch is, according to the island’s tradition, the king needs to pour drinks for everyone and also serve food. So, if you think you can fulfil these royal duties, you might try applying for the position.

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The King Is Entitled To Have Unlimited Beers

The king of the island will have the opportunity to chug down as many beers as he wants to. As add on, the island is surrounded on all sides by spectacular views. The island gets a maximum number of visitors during the peak tourist season between April and September. Also, the island follows a tradition while coronating a new king. The king wears a helmet and sits on a chair with a sword and gets bathed in alcohol. The applications will be open till January and the new king needs to start his duties from April 2022.