Pilot Takes Private Plane On A Detour; Writes ‘Stay Home’ In The Sky

by Gizel Menezes
Pilot Takes Private Plane On A Detour; Writes ‘Stay Home’ In The Sky
Amidst COVID-19 outbreak, Curly Tales encourages you to stay indoors. We take you around the world from the comfort of your home. #SpreadPositivity #ArmchairTravel

In a bid to urge people to stay at home and observe self-isolation, a pilot decided to use the sky as his canvas to spread an important message.

The Austrian pilot, who is unnamed as of now, reportedly took off his Diamond DA40 Diamond Star aircraft to remind people to stay home to help contain the spread of the coronavirus.

Detour To Spread Awareness

The flight from Wiener Neustadt to Graz airport, which was 24 minutes long, saw the pilot take a few looping detours to spell out the words ‘S T A Y H O M E’ in the sky. After he was done, he took a long loop back to land at his destination.

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It is currently unclear who the pilot was or if there was anybody else in the small, four-seater aircraft alongside him or what the purpose of the flight was (besides the quarantine-themed message).

However, with the global pandemic reaching unprecedented levels, it is imperative to follow isolation rules set by the respective governments. And the effort by the pilot is appreciated!

Image Courtesy: Deccan Chronicle

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