Pizza Delivery Boy Accompanied By Dog To Deliver Pizzas Leaves Internet Surprised

by Sushmita Mahanta
Pizza Delivery Boy Accompanied By Dog To Deliver Pizzas Leaves Internet Surprised

The bond between a dog and a human has always been special. Although your pawsome friend might not speak the same language, their loyalty and commitment towards you always lead to an enriching relationship. And that’s exactly what the internet could see on a recent viral video. The video shared by an Instagram user handle beanbag_jr opens up to a Domino’s India Pizza delivery boy is accompanied by his pet during his deliveries. The delivery boy named Jack is a dedicated employee but more dedicated is his adorable pet dog who is with him throughout all his deliveries. Read on to find out how the internet reacted to his heartwarming video of the pizza delivery boy and his pawsome friend.

No Matter What, The Dog Always Follows Pizza Delivery Boy Jack To Ensure His Safety

Recently the Instagram handle named Beanbag_jr uploaded a video of the Pizza delivery boy coming to deliver his order accompanied by his dog. The video shows the boy delivering his pizza while his pet dog waits by the side. Then both get on the scooty and leave. The Internet calls it the cutest viral video, and we can’t agree more. The caption of the video reads, “This is what a true friendship look’s like. No matter whats the time this dog will always come with him to ensure his safety.
This cute delivery guy name is jack he always goes with this guy for delivery. He is such a dedicated employee 10/10 for his service and fast delivery.”


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The Internet Is in Happy Tears

The adorable and heartwarming video of the past dog and the pizza delivery boy has become viral and people can’t stop showering it with love. Most of the user’s got emotional while watching the video. Well, we can totally relate!
One user wrote, “Who’s chopping onions,” while another commented with, “So sweet… may God bless them. ” But what made us pay more attention to the tiny four-legged friend of the delivery boy was when a user commented, “The way he went under the charging cord to sit. Wow, such an understanding boy.” Dogs really are the best companion, must say!

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