This Place In Bengaluru Puts A Twist On Desserts With The New Flower Pot Dessert

by Kritika Kukreja
This Place In Bengaluru Puts A Twist On Desserts With The New Flower Pot Dessert

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London Curry House is Bengaluru is getting famous for its unique style of preparing the Flower Pot Dessert. 

What Is It?

London Curry House is located at Race Course road, Bengaluru and is famous for its vegetarian food. They have recently developed a new dessert that has gained the attention of everyone. The Flower Pot dessert might sound a bit shifty, but its made out of all yummy ingredients. 

Thy serve the dessert in two small flower pots (literally) and can you guess what’s it made up of? It’s an amazing combination of traditional and modern desserts. How would that taste, you ask? You can judge it for yourself! The major chunk of the flower pot dessert is rasmalai, rabdi and rose cavier plant. Along with that, it has brownie dust and vanilla ice cream. All of it is loaded into one delicious spoonful for your sweet tooth.

That’s not all! The pot that it is served in isn’t just a pot. You can even eat up the pot. Yes, it is edible in nature.

London Curry House

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What Else?

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Address: 19/2, Crescent Road, Kumarapark,, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001
Phone: 080 2220 9090
Approx cost: ₹1,500 for two people, ₹220 + taxes for flower post dessert

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