21 Places That Serve The Best Pizza In Mumbai in 2020

World Pizza Day
by Pratiksha Acharya 15385

Given a choice, we’d have pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Other dishes can do you wrong but not pizza. Perfect on the go or even when you just want to kick back and settle down with a slice, there’s just something about it that keeps reeling us back in. Italy might be the birthplace of this beauty but there’s no other dish that has found as much recognition as the humble pizza. But where do you get the best pizzas in Mumbai? We set out to find just that and these are the places that the pizza trail led us to.

1. Butter Chicken Pizza At Joey’s Pizza, Azad Nagar & Malad

The one place that is always generous with its toppings, it’s Joey’s Pizza. One might even go to the length of saying that their toppings outweigh the base itself. Don’t look at us, we aren’t complaining one bit.

Address: Joey’s Pizzas has 2 outlets
Azad Nagar: Shop 6-9, Upvan Building, Near Indian Oil Colony, Azad Nagar, Mumbai
Malad: Shop 1, Plot D, Samruddhi Complex, Chincholi Bunder Road, Mindspace, Malad West, Mumbai
Cost for 2:  ₹800 (exclusive of taxes)

2. Piccante Pepperoni Pizza At CinCin, Bandra Kurla Complex

One of the best places to hit up when you are craving some classic Italian fare, CinCin is the right place to go-to for the hungry soul. Not only do they make some of the best pizzas in Mumbai but their pasta too is to die for. Pair the meal with some good ol’ red wine and you can go take a siesta.

CinCin Best Pizza

Address: CinCin, Unit 001, Ground Floor, Raheja Towers, Plot C-30, C-Block, Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai
Contact: 022 61378070
We recommend: Piccante Pepperoni, ₹670 (exclusive of taxes)

3. Prosciutto Di Parma Pizza At Gustoso, Khar

They say that Naples is the birthplace of pizza. Thankfully for us, we don’t have to travel all the way to Italian town to get a taste of the famed Neopolitan pizzas. We love that they always serve a basket of their freshly baked bread before the meal. Talk about great hospitality.

Address: Gustoso, Jharna Apartments, Dr. BR Ambedkar Road, Khar West, Khar, Mumbai
Contact: +91 7045000010
We recommend: Prosciutto Di Parma Pizza, ₹950 (exclusive of taxes)

4. Basilico Margherita Pizza At Sorrentina by FoodHall, Santacruz

Shopping can be exhausting, am I right? And grocery shopping can be one of the most therapeutic activities to indulge in but when the hunger pangs kick in, there’s not much that you can do. But at Foodhall you can. The humongous grocery store houses one of the best Italian places in the city. And if you haven’t been to Sorrentina yet, you need to go immediately!

Sorrentina Best Pizza

Address: Sorrentina by FoodHall, Plot 106, 2nd Floor, Linking Road, Santacruz West, Mumbai
Contact: 022 50646699
We recommend: Basilico Margherita, ₹700 (exclusive of taxes)

5. Pollo Forza Pizza At PizzaExpress, Multiple Outlets

It’s not just the doughballs that PizzaExpress is famous for. Their pizzas are irresistible. Opt for their regular crust or Romana (thin crust) pizzas, you’ll still be left wanting more. Our favourite is the Pollo Forza which gives you a spicy kick when you bite into it. They have recently launched a range of vegan pizzas so the vegans need not despair.

Pizza Express Best Pizza

Address: Multiple Outlets
We recommend: Pollo Forza, ₹659 (exclusive of taxes)

6. Meat Ultimo Pizza At Pizza By The Bay

What’s better than a pepperoni pizza? A pizza that has all kinds of meat piled on it and that’s exactly what the Meat Ultimo Pizza at Pizza By The Bay is all about. With pepperoni, pork sausage and pork salami, it’s one hearty pizza.

Address: Pizza By The Bay, 143, Soona Mahal, Marine Drive, Churchgate, Mumbai
Contact: 022 22843646
We recommend: Meat Ultimo Pizza, ₹940 (exclusive of taxes)

7. Chicken Alla Diavolo Pizza At Jamie’s Pizzeria

The brainchild of Chef Jamie Oliver, Jamie’s Pizzeria opened up in India just a while back but has already amassed a huge following. As a person who needs her dose of spice every day, I always go for the Chicken Alla Diavolo which has all the chilli in the world and perfect chunks of roast chicken. A girl honestly can’t ask for more.

Jamie's Pizzeria

Address: Multiple Outlets
We recommend: Chicken Alla Diavolo, ₹519 (exclusive of taxes)

8. New York Double Cheese Pizza At Pizza Kitchen by 1Tablespoon, Multiple Outlets

There’s a raging debate between New Yorkers and the natives from Los Angeles over which place has the best pizza. Pizza Kitchen by 1Tablespoon settles that debate with their version of the New York Double Cheese Pizza with a ton of cheese. We say, bring on some more of that cheese.

1tablespoon best pizza

Address: Multiple Outlets
We recommend: New York Double Cheese Pizza, ₹500 (exclusive of taxes)

9. Smoked Salmon Pizza At Terttulia, Dadar

Contrary to what people say, salmon is one of the best proteins out there. And when you add it on top of pizza along with some fresh cream cheese, it’s a match made in heaven. We would like to take a moment to thank Terttulia for coming up with this underrated combination.


Address: Terttulia, Ground Floor, Hotel Parkway, Veer Savarkar Marg, Off Cadell Road, Sea Face Road, Dadar Shivaji Park, Mumbai
Contact: 022 24468833
We recommend: Smoked Salmon Pizza , ₹475 (exclusive of taxes)

10. Assorted Seafood Pizza At Trattoria – President, Cuffe Parade

Fair to say seafood on pizza is unheard off in India but the guys at Trattoria have made it happen and boy, is it good! If you have pizza cravings in the middle of the night or even during the day then Trattoria is your best bet.


Image for representation

Address: Trattoria, President, 90, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai
Contact: 022 66650971
We recommend: Assorted Seafood Pizza, ₹1195 (exclusive of taxes)

11. Ligure Pizza At Celini – Grand Hyatt, Santacruz

A pizza needn’t always have a tomato base. If you disagree then you need to try out the Ligure pizza at Celini. The base of the pizza is slathered with a generous dollop of pesto sauce. The fresh basil along with the tanginess of the parmesan makes the pizza taste absolutely sublime.


Image for representation

Address: Celini, Grand Hyatt, Off Western Express Highway, Santacruz East, Mumba
Contact: 022 67302951
We recommend: Ligure Pizza, ₹990 (exclusive of taxes)

12. Tex Mex Veggie Pizza At Ray’s Cafe & Pizzeria, Bandra

Add a little bit of Mexican fiesta to a pizza and it goes a long way. At Ray’s Cafe and Pizzeria, they know how to do it really well. The jalapeno that they add to their Tex Mex Veggie pizza gives it a spicy zing and with a dough that soft, you just can’t help but sigh.

Ray's Pizza

Address: Ray’s Cafe & Pizzeria, 133, Gazebo House, Hill Road, Bandra West, Mumbai
Contact: 00 2226451414
We recommend: Tex-Mex Veggie Pizza, ₹1195 (exclusive of taxes)

13. Mac N Cheese Pizza At Juno’s Pizza, Multiple Outlets

It’s a well-known fact that Mac N Cheese is America’s gift to mankind. Add that on top of a pizza and bam! it’s absolutely eye-opening. The best thing about Juno’s is that it’s one of the best places for vegetarians who are on the lookout for some good vegetarian pizza in the city.

Address: Multiple Outlets
We recommend: Price on request

14. 5 Cheese Pizza At 1441 Pizzeria, Multiple Outlets

Move over Quattro Formaggi for there’s a new gangster in town and it goes by the name of the 5 Cheese Pizza at 1441 Pizzeria. 1441 is known for being the go-to place for wood-fired pizzas and they do justice by it.

1441 PizzeriaAddress: Multiple outlets
We recommend: 5 Cheese Pizza, ₹695 (exclusive of taxes)

15. Magic Mushrooms Pizza At MOJO Pizza – 2X Toppings

No, these are not the magic mushrooms that you are thinking about but they are even better. With multiple outlets across the city, Mojo’s has quite quickly become a fan favourite among the pizza-lovers in the city. And the fact that they add twice the toppings is just something that we can’t get over.


Address: Multiple outlets
We recommend: Magic Mushrooms Pizza, ₹395 (exclusive of taxes)

16. Veg Extravaganza Pizza At Dominos, Multiple Outlets

Love it or hate it, Dominos is here to stay. The pizza chain that started the craze among Indians is still going strong regardless of what people have to say about it. Just make sure that you add the signature cheese burst to the pizza when you order it so that you get an extra dose of gooey cheese.

Dominos Pizza

Address: Multiple outlets
We recommend: Veg Extravaganza, ₹695 (exclusive of taxes)

17. Thai Shrimp Pizza At Indigo Deli, Multiple Outlets

Indigo Deli is known for making pizzas that have a crust as thin as a wafer and if you are a fan of that, then what is it that you are waiting for? And with high-quality ingredients and melted cheese, we can’t get enough of it, especially when you add some shrimp into the mix.

Indigo Deli Best Pizza

Address: Multiple outlets
We recommend: Thai Shrimp Pizza, ₹695 (exclusive of taxes)

18. Chicken Tikka Pizza At Genuine Broaster Chicken, Vashi & Versova

You might want to re-think how you eat chicken tikka for when it’s whipped up in the form of a pizza, it tastes absolutely delicious. Kudos to the folks at Genuine Broaster Chicken for coming up with this crazy union between India and Italy.

Genuine Broaster Chicken

Address: Genuine Broaster Chicken has 2 outlets
Vashi: Shop 115, 1st Floor, Satra Plaza, Vashi, Navi Mumbai
Versova: Shop 1 & 2, Tirupati Tower, Versova, Andheri West, Mumbai
We recommend
: Thai Shrimp Pizza, ₹695 (exclusive of taxes)

19. Pizza Sorpresa At Francesco’s Pizzeria, Multiple Outlets

This one is a hidden gem. Not many people know that Francesco’s is one of the best places to grab a slice (or even an entire pizza). Their thin-crust pizzas are a whole different ball game and if you are tired of the mainstream options then we highly suggest that you give this one a go.


Address: Multiple Outlets
We recommend: Pizza Sorpresa, ₹720 (exclusive of taxes)

20. Chicken Pepperoni Pizza At Sbarro, Multiple Outlets

Pizza by the slice is what I call Sbarro. Their slices are as big as my face and that is saying something. With an array of options and great toppings, you’ll keep going back to Sbarro’s for more.


Address: Multiple outlets
We recommend: Chicken Pepperoni Pizza, ₹900 (exclusive of taxes)

21. Burn To Hell Pizza At La Pinoz Pizza, Multiple Outlets

The name of our favoured pizza might sound a tad bit scary but we can assure you that it will take you straight to heaven. With a good amount of jalapenos and garlic, don’t mind us if you see us burping right after.

La Pinoz

Address: Multiple outlets
We recommend: Burn To Hell Pizza, ₹1060 (exclusive of taxes)