Plan A Budget Trip To Manali Under ₹4500 And Here’s How

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Plan A Budget Trip To Manali Under ₹4500 And Here’s How

The world is now free to travel after a hiatus of long two years, thanks to the lifted covid restrictions on travel. Summers are here and a lot of you might be planning your summer vacation to some hill station to beat the heat. How about Manali? No, the trip won’t go harsh on your pockets. How? Well because here we are some tips on how you can plan a budget trip to Manali under ₹4500. Keep reading. 

Travel By Bus or Train

Travelling by bus or train will always save your money in comparison to a private vehicle, you must have seen the petrol prices these days. Instead of booking a private vehicle or using your own, opt for a bus or a train to Manali. You can surely save your time and money by doing so as Manali is a well-connected town.  

Picture Credits: Mastmusifir

Stay In Hostels

Why go for luxurious hotels when you can opt for dorms in hostels. These days you will find a lot of hostels which offer superior services at budget-friendly prices. Also opting for a hostel will not only save you money but also give you an amazing experience of a lifetime to add to your memories. 

FogHills Manali Cottages
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Eat At Local Stalls

Are you even on a trip if you do not taste the local delicacies of the place at local stalls or restaurants? Make sure to go to local restaurants and stalls to satiate your taste buds every time you are hungry. They offer lip-smacking authentic food at affordable prices. 

Rent A Ride

If you know how to ride a scooter, rent one. You can easily rent a scooter in Manali and roam around the city and explore all the famous sightseeing places at nominal costs. All you have to do is produce your aadhar card and driving licenses and boom you are good to ride.  


Package Sports Activity

Manali is home to a lot of adventure sports activities like river rafting, bungee jumping, paragliding, etc. if you are adventurous or want to try some of the sports make sure to crack a package deal rather than single ones. The package deals offer you more in less amount and are affordable compared to paying for single sports. 


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