Get Off The Grid! Plan A Trip To New South Wales

by Natasha Monteiro
Get Off The Grid! Plan A Trip To New South Wales

Australia Calling! Time To Pack And Go

Think talcum-powdered beaches, turquoise waters and an ocean brimming with colourful marine life. If you enjoy unadulterated beauty, then you have to plan a trip to New South Wales. You’ll be blessed with picturesque golden canola fields, rugged outback terrains, vintage country estates, quaint village churches, an abundance of eateries, fairy-tale gardens, and even pristine unpopulated beaches! Wow!

One of the best ways to discover New South Wales is by driving through all the beauty. There are various options like the ezeego1 package that lets you rent self-drive cars to explore the city. Imagine cruising for 140 kms via Bondi Beach on the Princes Highway. Cross the shimmering waters of Bondi Beach. End at the start of the spectacular Shoalhaven region. Explore the lush valleys of the Blue Moutains. Visit Jambeero, get mesmerized by Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House, Mrs Macquaries Chair, Royal Botanic Gardens, Woolloomoolloo Bay, Garden Island, Kings Cross, Watsons Bay and so much more. All this while you drive around at your own pace, make your own pit-stops and the works!

Just look at that picture! What’s with all that effortless beauty?

Get Off The Grid! Plan A Trip To New South Wales

What’s the best place to visit in Australia?

That’s a really difficult question for anyone to answer. Australia really is filled with scenic views, wonderful people and a compulsive allure. But just for its diverse seascapes, golden fields, luxurious cosmopolitan conveniences and jewel-blue beaches, New South Wales is the ideal gateway down under.

We could list over a hundred reasons to visit NSW but here’s our top picks:

1. Surf n Sun

NSW is blessed with the most gorgeous beaches. All you have to do is drive past the iconic Opera House, famous harbor bridge and the cozy downtown area and you’ll find yourself at Bondi Beach. The warm South Pacific waters are perfect for surfing – for both novices and experts. For those who’d like a little more action, there’s a gorgeous skate park that overlooks the beach. Byron Bay is another fabulous getaway – a local favourite! You can surf, swim, relax by the beach, work on your tan, snorkel, scuba and lots more!

Get Off The Grid! Plan A Trip To New South Wales
Summer in Sydney

2. Vivid Sydney

A 23-day festival dedicated to light, music and ideas! Vivid Sydney is a gorgeous celebration of art, sculptures and grand-scale projections. It’s absolutely free and offers an experience of Sydney in its truest sense.

The music at Vivid Sydney will fill your soul. Head over to the iconic Opera House and witness both local and international acts. If crowds are not your thing, head over to the local bars for a diverse range of live performances.

Feel empowered and believe in all that is good. Vivid Ideas celebrates creativity and innovation. Hear leaders from across industries speak and empower you. The program spans across everything from architecture and design to technology and start-up culture, visual arts and performance to film and screen content, marketing and advertising to animation and more.

In fact, you can plan an entire trip to Australia just around Vivid Sydney. ezeego1 has a great 3 Nights / 4 Days package that lets you explore the festival and the city of Sydey. The itinerary covers the most prominent attractions in the city and gives you time to explore the city yourself – all under INR 40,000!

Get Off The Grid! Plan A Trip To New South Wales
Electric Garden installation lighting up The Royal Botanic Garden during Vivid Sydney 2016

3. Adventure Activities or a Laidback Holiday – You Decide

There’s surfing, biking, boating, snorkeling or there’s long walks by the country-side, lazing by the beach and lounging around down-town. You pick! The Sydney coast is blessed with a rich night life, clubs and beaches – minus the pretentiousness. Play with the koalas and the kangaroos or simply snorkel along the rich coastline – NSW is an open play-ground filled with treats for everyone.

Get Off The Grid! Plan A Trip To New South Wales
Serenity is just a beach away

4. Utterly Exciting Food and Wine

The food in Australia is beyond delectable. The specialty of the chefs here is how they induce a local zest that brims with love and flavor into everything they cook. Think scrambled eggs with truffle oil, feta, and avocado or would you rather a plate of flank and brussels sprouts, instead? Looking for something more local? Try the fish stock pea soup with clams or a juicy roast chicken.

The Australians are foodies just like Indians. Infact, when Chef Sanjeev Kapoor visited Australia, even he found similarities in the two cuisines. He pointed out to the use of aubergine, zucchini, beetroot, onions, tomatoes, mint and lime in vegetarian cooking, and the use of fish, chicken and meat in non-vegetarian dishes. Much like Indian cuisine, the food in Australia has an easy quality to it. It’s succulent and rich in flavor without trying too hard.

If ever there was a country that celebrated wine, the winner would be Australia.

From  rosés to pinot noirs, shiraz wines, vintage wines and the works. A wine connoisseur’s dream come true – this country sure knows how to dazzle its tourists.

Psst… Check out Hunter Valley, home to more than 150 wineries producing world-class wines. You will be spoilt for choices! So, choose wisely and enjoy exceptional wine and gourmet food.

Get Off The Grid! Plan A Trip To New South Wales
A variety of Asian hawker-style street food from Spice Alley, Chippendale.

5. Memorable Mates

It’s like rude or unpleasant people do not exist in New South Wales. The locals are full of helpful tips, enthusiastic and live the spirit of the place. There’s a pleasant, playful attitude among the locals and they’re all more than happy to share a Budweiser with you!

What’s the Best Way to Get There?

The ideal way to travel, see and really experience New South Wales in Australia in all its glorious beauty would be through a travel group. Being so diverse, it gets a little strenuous to encompass everything in a limited time-frame. We recommend ezeego1 for your trip to Australia. Their itineraries are flexible and cover almost all the tourist attractions of the city. 

Take your pick from the packages that ezeego1 has on offer!

Specialized tours to New South Wales which you can check out here 

A 3 nights/4 days package to Vivid Sydney, click here 

If you would like to plan your own holiday, we suggest you book yourself into a centralised place. Travelling within this region of Australia is fairly simple with plenty of access to local transport. You can stay at Bondi beach and spend some time working on your surfing skills or you could head to the countryside and watch the golden hue of the sun reflect against beautifully bred horses. If you do decide on travelling on your own, make sure you plan a long holiday.

Old world charm
Old world charm

As the Aussies says, “Once people come to Australia, they join the team.”

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