Planning A Trip To Ayodhya? Explore These 5 Iconic Ghats On Your Spiritual Holiday

Travelling to Ayodhya is incomplete without exploring the iconic ghats. These are some must-visit ghats in this holy city.

by Shreya Ghosh
Planning A Trip To Ayodhya? Explore These 5 Iconic Ghats On Your Spiritual Holiday

Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh will soon be thronged by visitors from all around. The inauguration of the iconic Ram Mandir will surely be the biggest significant boost to welcome devotees and tourists. The city welcomes travellers throughout the year but now the tourist footfall will witness a huge uptick, more than what it used to be before. If you are also planning your itinerary to travel to this bustling destination, ensure you explore the famous ghats. Brimming with visitors all around the year, ghats have always been a major highlight of the birthplace of Lord Ram.

When In Ayodhya, Visit These Beautiful Ghats

1. Guptar Ghat

Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

Believed to have been built by Raja Darshan Singh back in the 19th century, this ghat on the banks of River Saryu is an immensely important tourist attraction in Ayodhya. Visited by devotees and travellers all around the year, this iconic place is known for its religious association with Ramayana. According to legends, Lord Ram took his last dip here, also known as Jal Samadhi, before leaving the earth and going to Vaikunta. The belief among visitors is that taking a dip here washes away the sins.

2. Ram Ki Paidi Ghat

Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

Another famous ghat located on the banks of River Saryu is Ram Ki Paidi Ghat. This famous place is also often known as the series of steps of the Naya Ghat. Witnessing the grand evening aarti is a major highlight here. The surreal essence is something that visitors wish to experience. Pilgrims come here to take a sacred dip before the sun rises.

3. Saryu Ghat

Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

A trip to Saryu Ghat can never be complete without immersing in the sacred experience of seeing the evening aarti while the place echoes with holy chants. From locals to tourists, this is a significant place to visit in Ayodhya. Taking a dip in River Saryu is considered auspicious and believed to be the beginning of a pilgrimage, a holy journey.

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4. Ram Ghat

Picture credit- Canva
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Popularly known as the Swarg Dwar (the gates of heaven), this ghat is one of Ayodhya’s most religiously significant places. Ram Ghat is a prominent part of Hindu mythology as it is said that Lord Ram was cremated here. Pilgrims ensure to explore this ghat during a religious journey in this city.

5. Lakshman Ghat

Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

This sacred riverside destination is known for remembering the legacy of Laxman. Nestled along the banks of River Saryu, this ghat is known as the place where Laxman surrendered his life voluntarily. This is surely one of Ayodhya’s most-known religious destinations and makes its name to most pilgrims’ travel itineraries.

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With the soon-to-be inauguration of Ram Mandir, Ayodhya definitely looks like an extraordinary destination to plan a holy trip to. If you also wish to explore the city, plan a time to visit these famous ghats.

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva

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