Plastic Pollution On The Rise, Tiger Spotted Inspecting Plastic Waste In Alarming Video

by Sanjana Shenoy
Plastic Pollution On The Rise, Tiger Spotted Inspecting Plastic Waste In Alarming Video

Not air, water or land pollution — plastic pollution is the greatest threat on Earth. Plastic, a non-biodegradable material is slowly doing more harm to mankind than good. Clogging landmines, choking animals, and micro-particles of this synthetic polymer have even entered the bloodstream of human beings. And now an alarming viral video shows that plastic has infiltrated forests, where a tiger is seen sniffing a plastic bag.

IFS Officer Shares Video Of Tiger Sniffing Plastic Bag In Forest

Indian Forest Service Officer, Susanta Nanda, recently shared a short viral video where a tiger is seen inching close to a plastic bag —probably left behind by a tourist— and goes on to sniff it. The IFS officer supplements the video with a caption. Where he urges human beings to spare tiger reserves. He goes on to add that plastics are slowly entering the food chain of apex predators.

The synthetic polymer is slowly making its way even to the least expected areas that cover 2.25 per cent of the Earth’s total geographical area. “Be responsible”, Susanta Nanda ends his caption with a strict but much-needed message and wake-up call. It’s truly alarming to see the feline inquisitively prowling towards the plastic bag in a lush green jungle.

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Twitteratis Absolutely Enraged

Tweeple instantly took to the comments section to lay down their opinions about this “alarming” issue. One user commented that single-use plastic must be strictly banned as it is the root cause of all such problems. Yet another provided solutions like strict vigilance and checking of tourists. Also, banning plastic anywhere inside the tiger reserve. Others commented on the sorry state of affairs where plastic has slowly landed everywhere, from the oceans to even Mt Everest, the world’s highest peak.

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Another Twitterati narrates a shocking incident where the person came across an open disposable syringe on the ground of a national park. Post the safari, the tourist deposited this syringe at the warden’s office and even complained about the same. Yet another person shared a picture of a tiger with a plastic water bottle lying next to it.

Plastic pollution is on the rise and it’s our job as humans and perpetrators to make the Earth a safer place for our fellow inhabitants.

Cover Image Courtesy: @susantananda3/ Twitter and Canva