Platform Studios: The Sprawling New Hi-Tech Gym At DIFC

  • Address : Platform Studios, Index Towers, DIFC
  • Date & Time : Sun-Mon 6 AM-9 PM, Fri-Sat 8 AM- 7 PM
  • Contact : 04 435 8083

It’s fitness month in Dubai! With Dubai Fitness Challenge in full swing, we are in constant lookout for gyms and fitness centers in Dubai. After all, the constant workouts can get monotonous. So we need our gyms to be energized and motivated. At DIFC, we hope the newest gym by Platform Studios, lives up to our expectations and its hype.

What’s It?

This studio is swanky as hell! And, you will be in awe seeing the state-of-the-art technology at their facilities. Head to the Index Towers to see the gym spread over a sprawling 10,000 sqm. Gigantic, isn’t it? You bet this is no ordinary gym. It houses a galore of machines and facilities so you will never get bored of sweating it out.

Think signing in every time you check-in is tedious? Or the card swiping facility at your gym is a bit of a problem for the ever forgetful you who forgets their cards at home? Check-in with a finger scanning system here and book your classes from the comfort of your phone. Now, you do not have a reason to not be at the gym anymore.

Platform Studios

Platform Studios Marina

What To Expect?

Now here is where all the fun (and sweat) lies. A good gym spoils you with a choice. And at platform studios, you have choice aplenty. From spinning rooms to HIIT workout classes, there is a variety of cardio as well as regular work out classes. The fun doesn’t end here. There are 40 different work out classes to choose from. There is even a Dubai 30 x 30 challenge class that has two back to back 30-minute work our classes for you to attend.

They even offer cryotherapy at their fitness facility here for you to indulge in after a long work out session. What exactly is the therapy about? You can relax in subantarctic temperatures (with temperatures as low as 143 C). This helps in relaxing and soothing your muscles post a tiring work out. We are also told that this rejuvenates the skin, making it look plush and healthy.

platform studios


How Much Will You Have To Pay?

If you are a new member, then you can get access to two classes for AED 105. You can also check packages at special rates this month. So if you are planning to check out the gym, now is the best time! If you are ready to take the plunge and get 10 or 20 classes at a go, you can also avail the same number of complimentary classes added with your purchase too. So purchase 10(+10 free classes) for AED 1067 or 20 (+20 free classes) for AED 3997 only.


Where: Platform Studios, Index Towers, DIFC
When: Sun-Mon 6 AM-9 PM, Fri-Sat 8 AM- 7 PM
Register for classes here.

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