Plus-Size Passenger Got Stuck In His Seat For 3 Hrs On A British Airways Flight; Had To Be Hoisted

by Shreya Shriyan
Plus-Size Passenger Got Stuck In His Seat For 3 Hrs On A British Airways Flight;  Had To Be Hoisted

Boarding a flight is almost always an exciting feeling. And then boarding a flight to take your first-class seat, is a feeling unparalleled. While we all dream to fly first class, no one hopes to get stuck there for hours. Neither did this Nigerian passenger on board a British Airways Flight, but that’s what happened to him. Here’s the man’s unfortunate 3-hour ordeal of being stuck in his first-class seat after his plane landed.  

Plus-Size Passenger Gets Stuck In His British Airways Seat For 3 Hrs

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Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

According to The Sun, a plus-sized British Airways passenger found himself stuck in his seat after his flight from Nigeria landed in the UK. The flight from Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos to London’s Heathrow Airport took 6 and a half hours. And landed at 5.10 a.m, local time. 

The passenger remained wedged in seat 1A, which is reserved for Executive Club Gold card holders, for approximately three hours, stated the report. The cabin crew stepped in to assist and calm the passenger when he realized he couldn’t leave his seat. 

However, they were unable to shift him, as reported by the outlet. Subsequently, emergency services were called to facilitate the passenger’s removal. And, an engineering note was prepared outlining the plan.

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Passenger Stuck For Hours In His Seat Had To Be Hoisted Out

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As per reports by The Sun, the note stated that a “volumetric passenger” was stuck in seat 1A. The plan was to remove the suite door and use a hoist to eject him from the seat. Following the plan, the crew removed the door, and they used a hoist to remove the passenger from his seat, reported Business Insider. 

According to Business Class Experts, a travel website, British Airways’s first-class seats are almost two feet wide. While it is understandable that incidents like this are unforeseen, empathy from the crew and airlines helps ease the situation. 

The concerns raised by plus-sized passengers about aeroplane seats need attention and further consideration from airlines. The requirement for larger passengers to purchase additional seats poses significant challenges and discomfort for these individuals. 

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As airlines continue to focus on improving passenger experience, it becomes crucial to address the unique needs of all travellers.

Cover image courtesy: Wikimedia Commons (Representative Image)