British Airways Begins Flights Services To Aruba From Gatwick

by Shreya Ghosh
British Airways Begins Flights Services To Aruba From Gatwick

British Airways launched weekly flights to Aruba recently. The airline commenced its services from Gatwick in the United Kingdom. This begins the journey of boosting the tourism of this beautiful country by increasing the chances of seeing more tourist footfall. With better air connectivity, it can be anticipated that travellers will be more excited than ever to pack their bags and catch a flight to fly to Aruba. And British Airways is now making the journey simpler than ever. Here’s all you need to know about the new flight services to Aruba.

Flight To Aruba Leaves Only Twice A Week!

British Airways
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The airline is now operating flights from London every week. British Airways are running flights on this route every Thursday and Sunday. The flight from London lands at the capital of Aruba, Oranjestad. Passengers can cover this journey on a 3-class Boeing 777-200 aircraft.

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Julian Welham is the Senior Vice President of BA Americas. According to a report by Travel Weekly, Julian Welham said that British Airways is the one and only airline that is operating direct flights on this route. They are very proud to be the only airline flying from Aruba to London.

Here’s Why Aruba Needs To Be On Your Bucket List?

Aruba is a small country in the Caribbean and is home to beautiful and untouched natural beauty. This is a mesmering destination to plan a trip to if you want to stay away from all the bustle and noise and just immerse in the best tropical ambience. This island holds a natural aura and charm that cannot simply be justified with any adjectives. The pristine turquoise waters, white sand beaches, and warm sunshine make up for an amazing holiday. Such a beautiful destination can now be easily travelled to from Gatwick and the credit goes to British Airways. The airline’s weekly flights have surely made the journey to this country easy and convenient. The entry of the airline in Aruba is surely going to be incredibly helpful for Aruba and its tourism sector.

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So are you planning a holiday on this spectacular island?

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