British Airways Unveils New Uniform After 20 Years That Includes Hijab & Jump Suits For Women

by Sanjana Shenoy
British Airways Unveils New Uniform After 20 Years That Includes Hijab & Jump Suits For Women

After 20 years, British Airways unveiled a new uniform, designed by famous British fashion designer, Ozwald Boateng. The company has also launched tunic, jumpsuit and hijab options for female crew for what it calls “airline first”. So, the next time you fly British Airways you can actually spot the crew dressed fashionably in even jumpsuits. Read on to know more.

British Airways Launches New Uniform For Crew After 20 Years

Ozwald Boateng, the British fashion designer was on a five-year-long project to unveil the latest uniform. But it faced delays due to the coronavirus pandemic. After 20 long years, the British Airways crew will finally flaunt new fashionable yet comfortable uniforms in style. The new uniform features skirt, dress, trouser and even a jumpsuit. The global carrier also offers hijab and tunic options for its female crew.

When it comes to men, they have to wear a tailored three-piece suit. Ozwald Boateng is known for his twist on classic tailoring. The renowned designer is particularly known for French men’s fashion. Earlier, served as the Creative Director for the French Fashion House Givenchy for menswear. By the time it’s summer, 30,000 British Airways staff including ground handlers and engineers will be seen wearing the new uniform.

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Earlier, The Airline Allowed Makeup Relaxations For Crew

British Airways’ Chairman and CEO, Sean Doyle stated that their uniform represents the best of modern Britain. He revealed that they wanted to curate a uniform collection that their crew are proud to don it. He called the new uniform an iconic representation of their brand. Earlier, the global airline permitted both cabin crew and male pilots to wear nail varnish, man buns, false eyelashes, mascara and makeup. They are also allowed to carry accessories like handbags.

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But Netizens weren’t too pleased with the new uniform. They wondered who’d want to wear a jumpsuit especially when they need to use an aircraft loo. Now, that’s logical! Another Netizen questioned if the jumpsuit is flattering for anyone in the first place. But a member of the crew replied and stated that this was optional and she found it cute.

Well, what do you think about the new uniform?

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