Eek! London-Dubai Bound Passenger Finds Dental Implant In British Airways’s Meal; Netizens Are Disgusted! 

dental implant
by Vaishalee Kalvankar

Most of you must have travelled by plane and also must have ordered an in-flight meal. Did you ever get something extra or a kind of freebie with it? Have you been happy about it? A woman flying to Dubai From London got something free in her meal that made her feel disgusted. No, it wasn’t a freebie; it was a dental implant! Yes, you read that right. Here is what exactly happened.

Passenger Finds Dental Implant In Her Meal

A woman ordered a meal on British Airways flight BA107 to UAE (United Arab Emirates). On receiving the food, she found a dental implant in it and was shocked. She clicked a picture of the same and posted it on her Twitter handle, Ghada El-Hoss. The picture featured a rice meal, broccoli, and a dental implant placed on a tissue.

After receiving no response from the airlines for several days, the woman tweeted again. The woman tagged British Airways and also wrote that she has been waiting for their response. She also mentioned that she was unable to reach them through their customer care number.

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British Airways Responded

Soon after her last tweet, British Airways responded. They apologised for the inconvenience on their end. The woman was asked if she had shared any of her details with the customer relations personnel. The airways asked her to send her personal details to the DM.

The tweet went viral in no time, and the netizens were totally disgusted looking at the picture. People kept commenting on the post. A dental implant specialist asked for more pictures, as he was very curious. Previously, many such posts went viral where people found weird objects on their flights, thanks to social media.

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Cover Image Courtesy: @ghadaelhoss/Twitter and Wikimedia commons