PM Modi’s Late Mother Would Prepare Fresh Ghee & Serve Ghee Rotis To Cows

by Tooba Shaikh
PM Modi’s Late Mother Would Prepare Fresh Ghee & Serve Ghee Rotis To Cows

On Friday, the mother of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Mrs Heeraben Modi, passed away. This prompted the internet to recall the sentimental blog post that Modi wrote about Heeraben on her centenary birthday this year.  Many people like to post on social media about mothers and their sacrifices. It is a common performative practice these days on social media people enjoy reading them. However, not all posts about mothers have struck a chord with Indians the way that PM Modi’s blog has.

PM Modi’s Late Mother Passes Away

The blog shared many significant details about her life that influenced Narendra Modi. Apart from this, the blog also recounted old memories of childhood. For instance, the blog mentions how Narendra Modi’s father would bring cream from his tea shop and how Heeraben would make fresh ghee from that cream. The ghee was consumed by all, from members of the family to the cows outside. Heeraben would prepare ghee rotis and feed them to these gentle animals. 

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The Doting Blog Outlines Heeraben’s Life & Travels

The blog also reveals that Heeraben was quite well-travelled. She loved going for darshan to different temples far off. Kashi and Kedarnath are the two places that are markedly discussed in the blog. Both the journeys, the blog recounts, were memorable for Heeraben, albeit for different reasons. Her trip to Kedarnath would have taken a turn for worse when the weather got bad but the people there took care of her ensured that she wouldn’t be discomfited.

Like any other doting son would write about their mother, the blog outlined the life and teachings that Heeraben imparted by virtue of being a mother. Among many other things, the blog talked about the selflessness that is characteristic of Indian mothers, which was also found in Heeraben. The blog can be viewed as a loving tribute from any doting child to their mother.

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