Pooja Hegde Recalls Her MMK College Days & Misses Red Schezwan Rice By Ravi

Pooja Hegde
by Suchismita Pal

The second massive crossover of Sunday Brunch and The Bombay Journey had the gorgeous and talented Pooja Hegde. Pooja had a stupendous journey through the streets of Mumbai with team Curly Tales and Mashable India in a state-of-the-art Skoda Slavia. While on the journey, Pooja took us for a spin to her favourite spots in Mumbai followed by a delicious Mangalorean brunch at Harish Lunch Home in Irla. She also got candid about how she bagged her first film, working with Hritik Roshan, and how big a foodie she is. Here’s more about the conversation!

Pooja Hegde Talks About Her Favourite Food Joints Around Her College

During her interview with Curly Tales, Pooja recalled her college days at MMK, Mumbai. If you didn’t know, Pooja is a true blue Mumbai girl and her Hindi is Bambaiya too. She was born to a Tulu-speaking Karnataka family in Mumbai. She did her schooling and college too from Mumbai itself. Remembering her days in MMK, Pooja Talked about the most loved food joints around her college. She said that she misses the Red Schezwan Rice by Ravi and also sandwiches from Jai Sandwich. Reacting to the Schezwan Rice by Ravi, Pooja exclaimed, “Yummm! I love it.”

Pooja Hegde

Pooja Hegde Once Ate 17 Burgers At One Go During Her College Days

While enjoying a smooth and comfortable ride on Skoda Slavia, Pooja also revealed that once she had eaten 17 burgers from Mcdonald’s at one go during her college days.  She said that Mcdonald’s and Subway were her life saviours. Elucidating about the burger incident, Pooja said, “One day we had a challenge in college on how many burgers can you eat … and can you guess how many burgers I had eaten?” She revealed that she had eaten 17 McChicken Burgers.


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The sleek and beautiful red Skoda Slavia stopped at Harish Lunch Home, which is Pooja’s favourite food joint in Mumbai. Curly Tales had a hearty Mangalorian Sunday Brunch with Pooja at the eatery.

Pooja Recollected Her Childhood Roadtrip Memories And We Can Relate

As part of Drive-O-Meter by Skoda Slavia, Pooja revealed that she loves to go on long drives to Lonavala. She also said that her long drives must be accompanied by munchies and music. Pooja also recollected her childhood road trip memories and said, “We used to go to Mangalore by road and my mom used to make lunch. We genuinely had picnics under big trees. My mom would carry water, chai flasks, home-cooked food, newspapers and more.”