Prague Is The Cheapest Destination To Visit In Europe

by Kritika Kukreja
Prague Is The Cheapest Destination To Visit In Europe

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Prague in Czech Republic costs half the amount as other European countries like Paris, Rome or London. 

What Is It?

We visited Prague during the most festive season in December and we were shocked to see how cheap Prague is as compared to other European cities like Rome, Paris or London. One CZK is ₹3, so for every ₹300, you will get 100 CZK. We stayed at a lavish hotel for only 2000 CZK, which is ₹6000. If you wish to stay at a hostel, you can easily manage in ₹1500. To give you perspective – a 5-star of the same stature as the one in Prague, would easily cost double in India.

Along with that, have bread for 10 CZK, milk for 20 CZK, butter for 30 CZK, and beer for 50 CZK!

We just enjoyed a meal for about 150 CZK, which is about ₹350 and way cheaper than many other European countries! Not just edible items, travel out here is also super cheap! A 3-hour journey from one city to another will cost you only 99 crowns, which means 300 rupees and if you book it last minute then just ₹900. Not bad! And if you are travelling locally, best mode of transport is trams and metros where you buy ticket as per duration and not destination. For 24 hours, you only pay ₹320!

*Wardrobe for Kamiya Jani by Marks & Spencer, and Tommy Hilfiger as a part of a FAM trip to Czech Republic*