Prajakta Koli Confesses She’s Crushing On Rohit Saraf | Curly Tales

by Suchismita Pal
Prajakta Koli Confesses She’s Crushing On Rohit Saraf | Curly Tales

If you are already going gaga over the love-hate relationship of Rishi and Dimple in Mismatched, are we getting some hints about their real life too? In a Sunday Brunch interview with Curly Tales, Prajakta Koli confessed that she is actually crushing on Rohit Saraf. Wondering what Rohit feels? Well, hearing Prajakta’s statement, he instantly started jumping with joy. Couple or not, Prajakta and Rohit share outstanding chemistry, both on and off-screen.

Rohit and Prajakta had an amazing time with our Chief Travelling Officer Kamiya Jani. And guess what, Kamiya set the mood right for them inside a pool villa right by the beach with free-flowing food and hearty conversations.

“My Day Is Made”, Said Rohit Saraf When Prajakta Confessed That She Has A Crush On Him

Kamiya met Rohit and Prajakta at the beachside Curly Tales pad with a gorgeous pool, a bar, a lawn and a dart game zone. And since the trio know each other for a long time, it was literally a reunion of old friends. And it started off with Rohit making drinks for Prajakta and Kamiya, followed by feasting and a heart-to-heart conversation on career, love, rejections, funny incidents, learning experiences and much more.

Prajakta Rohit SarafWhile Prajakta said Rohit is still single, when she was asked if she has a crush on a co-star, without a second thought, she took Rohit Saraf’s name. “I have a huge crush on Rohit Saraf… I mean, how can you not?” In reply, Rohit said, “My day is made.”

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Rohit Reveals How He Would Make Up For His Girlfriend After A Fight

In a 59-second Curly Tales clip exclusively with Rohit Saraf, the actor was asked how he would make up if he had a fight with his girlfriend. He replied, “I would honestly like it if she makes up for me… But knowing the history I don’t think she would. So I would usually go up and say sorry, give her a hug and or a kiss maybe.” It proves that Rohit can be an adorable boyfriend. He also said that one of his favourite Hindi movie dialogues is “Hello, future wife” from Mismatched.


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In the Sunday Brunch interview, Prajakta and Rohit also revealed that once they had secretly finished an entire bottle of wine during a short break from their shoot. And what happened next made both of them guilty. Excited to know about the incident? Watch the full interview on Youtube.