Prithvi Cafe In Mumbai Serves Food With A Side Of Nostalgia


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    Whether you’re a 70s, 80s, or a 90s baby, you must have had a cutting chai with snacks at Mumbai’s iconic Prithvi Cafe. 

    What Is It?

    Prithvi Cafe opened in the late 1970s and became famous after the Prithvi Theatre performances. Initially a cafe for theatre enthusiasts and drama students, but in today’s time, you’ll find college students, youngsters and literally everyone hanging out there! The menu was pretty basic back in the day, but the cafe has had major upgrades to their food and serves a bunch of varieties in cuisine too.

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    Kritika from the team at Prithvi Cafe

    But nonetheless, if you’re at Prithvi Cafe, you have to try their Cutting Chai. Among beverages, go for their Sulemani Chai if you’d like something different or go newage with Beer Bottle Chaas as well. It will probably give the oldies a heart attack, but it’s regular butter milk served in a beer bottle!

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    Kheema Pav

    What To Eat?

    If you’re going for the classics, their parathas are simply mind-blowing. The Amristari Paratha, the Alu Paratha or the Italian Paratha. We loved them all! Served with a side of dal makhni, and raita, these parathas are rich with butter. We also tried their Kheema Pav. Crispy butter pav is served with spicy minced mutton. If you’re going for the new age menu, try out their nachos, waffles, and more. 

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    Amritsari Paratha


    Address: Prithvi Cafe, 20, Janki Kutir, Juhu Church Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400049
    Phone: 022 2617 4118

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    Kritika Kukreja
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