Prosecco Vs Champagne: Which Is More Suited For Summers?

Prosecco Vs Champagne
by Tejashee Kashyap

Whether you’re enjoying a glass of chilled Champagne on a sunny afternoon or sipping a refreshing Prosecco with friends, wine can be a delightful addition to your summer experiences. Still, it’s important to choose the right type of wine and serve it properly to fully appreciate its flavours and aromas. Although prosecco and champagne are the two types of sparkling wine often used interchangeably, these wine styles are distinct from each other in significant ways. Hence, this is what you must know when choosing Prosecco Vs Champagne:

The Making Process

Prosecco Vs Champagne

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A type of sparkling wine, Prosecco is crafted in the Veneto region of Italy. The main grape used is glera, which must compose a minimum of 85% of the wine. Made via the Charmat method, it undergoes secondary fermentation in a large stainless steel tank, instead of in the bottle, for bigger bubbles. So, you can say, Prosecco gets its bubbles before bottling.

Coming to Champagne, only the wines made in the Champagne region of northeastern France can be called one. The main grapes of the region are chardonnay, pinot noir, and pinot meunier. To achieve its bubbles, Champagne undergoes a secondary fermentation in the bottle. This makes Champagne have finer bubbles. And then the process of ageing begins.

Apart from the fact that both are sparkling wines, made in Europe and are delicious, the textures and tasting notes make a distinct difference when it comes to choosing between the two, especially for the summer season.

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Textures & Tastes

Both Prosecco and Champagne use different grapes and production methods that make them taste quite different from each other and have different textures as well.

Prosecco Vs Champagne

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With regard to flavour, prosecco tends to be much more fresh and bright. However, many champagnes often have fresh fruit flavours but also show notes of toast, spice, lemongrass, honey and more.  So, which one should you be choosing next from the wine cellar?

For fruit-forward ones, budget-friendly Prosecco bottles are an excellent choice. It’s great for popping open whenever you like, enjoying with big groups, and even mixing into cocktails. They are smooth, fresh, fruity and light with good levels of natural sweetness and of medium acidity. If you want a fruity-smooth wine, Prosecco is to go for! However, if you’re looking for complex flavour profiles of sweetness, citrusy, zesty and more (and of course, elegance), Champagne should be your bubbly choice.

With all the varieties out there, the best way to figure out Prosecco Vs Champagne: is to drink up. So, go ahead and make your summer parties more bubbly and flavorful with these wines.

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