Pune Airport Chaos: Passengers Outraging On Twitter After Multiple Flights Were Delayed

by Shreya Rathod
Pune Airport Chaos: Passengers Outraging On Twitter After Multiple Flights Were Delayed

We have often experienced flight delays due to various reasons. Most of the time it is due to technical glitches. However, this caused a ruckus at the Pune Airport. On June 7, flights to multiple locations from Pune Airport were delayed. Passengers were stranded, angry and frustrated, and this led to an out-of-control chaotic situation. 

Pune Airport Witnessed A Chaotic Situation Due To Flight Delay!

Over a hundred passengers were left stranded and irritated when the Air Asia flight (I5 611) from Pune Airport to Bangalore experienced a delay of more than 10 hours. This caused scenes of anxiety and turmoil at Pune Airport. The airline’s lack of information and support, which worsened the situation, was criticised by passengers. The flight did not take off till the afternoon despite having a 5:25 am departure time. 

The airline had to organise another aircraft that was intended for a Jaipur to Bangalore flight in order to transport the stranded customers. As the situation worsened, the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) was forced to step in and hold a few furious passengers physically, as seen in videos posted on social media.

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In a statement, a representative for AIX Connect acknowledged the delay and blamed it on a technical problem. Offering the choice of a complete refund and cost-free rescheduling, they assured passengers that they were being taken care of. CISF personnel confirmed their involvement in controlling the tumultuous scenario brought on by the delayed Bangalore flight.

Passengers Expressed Their Anger On Twitter

During the extended wait, passengers were increasingly impatient because senior airline staff did not interact with them. Several passengers tweeted their displeasure, calling attention to the delay and poor management.

One of the users wrote that his wife was a passenger on the Jaipur flight which was delayed. He further stated that people are not getting replies from any of the AirAsia authorities. 

Others expressed their disappointment and frustration over the delay of flights. 

However, there is still a question of why the flights are delayed from Pune Airport. According to the Airports Authority Of India, the airport has a new terminal and is still undergoing trials. 

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But this isn’t the first time such a chaotic situation has occurred at the airport. 

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia & pandurang Sandbhor/ Twitter