Pune Metro To Get Energy-Saving Aluminum Coaches With Driverless Facilities

by Tania Tarafdar
by Tania Tarafdar 602

The upcoming metro line connecting every important corridor of Pune will ease out the lives of the residents. With easy commuting, Pune hands down will be one of the best places to live in India with a small-town charm. Making things even better, Pune Metro will now get light-weight and energy-saving coaches with advanced features. These coaches will also be capable of operation in driverless mode.

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The Coaches Will Arrive In Pune After Testing

The Kolkata-based Titagarh Firema Company will conduct its first trial run in May. The energy-saving, light-weight coaches, will arrive in Pune after testing and approval from different government agencies. Earlier last year, Titagarh Firema had won an international bid for supply of 102 aluminium bodied metro rail coaches for the Pune metro.

Picture Credits: India Rail Info

The Coaches Can Accommodate Up To 850 Passengers

The contract for coaches is for a total of 34 train sets with three cars each. The firm will supply it in 160 weeks, and the total cost of train coaches is around ₹1,100 crore. As per Metro officials, aluminium coaches will have the capacity to accommodate 850 passengers and attain a maximum speed of 95 kmph.

Picture Credits: DU Beats

The Light-Weight Coaches Will Save 5% Energy

The axle load of coaches is 15.4 tonnes, lower than the existing coaches used in other Indian Metro trains. At present, Indian Metros use coaches with a load of 16.4 tonnes. Due to its lighter load, Pune Metro will save 5% in energy. Hyderabad Ranked Best City To Work & Live In India; Mumbai & Pune Follow.

Image credits: Bloomberg Quint

Fully Air-Conditioned Coaches With Laptop Charging Facilities

What’s more, the coaches will be fully air conditioned with humidity control. They will also be equipped with mobile and laptop charging facilities for passengers. Experience The Pune Metro Before It Commences.

We are excited to travel by these coaches. What about you?

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