Pune’s New Hemp Cafe Serves Bhaang Sandwich & Hemp Coffee; It’s Legal

by Sanjana Shenoy
Pune’s New Hemp Cafe Serves Bhaang Sandwich & Hemp Coffee; It’s Legal

Punekars, there’s a new cafe in town and it promises to keep you in high spirits. Don’t be green with envy, as you can eat dishes with a green touch. Still didn’t get the hint? Well, we’re talking about Pune’s all-new hemp cafe called The Hemp Cafeteria, perched in Sadashiv Peth. At The Hemp Cafeteria, you can gorge on hemp-infused food and drinks. Here’s all you need to know about this green space.

Pune’s Hemp Cafeteria Has A Bhang Museum

The Hemp Cafeteria is the brainchild of Amruta Shitole, who has been selling cannabis-infused food products for the past four years. Ms. Shitole revealed to News18 that hemp or bhang has plenty of health benefits, so she wishes to create awareness of the same through this cafe. From her personal experience, Amruta found hemp to be the perfect cure for her depression. The medicinal plant has unbelievable health benefits and it’s legal too. At The Hemp Cafeteria, guests can explore the  Bhang Cafe Museum here to find factual information about cannabis, and release misconceptions on the same.

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Gorge On Hemp Burgers, Hemp Fries & More

So, coming to the food, there are a lot of interesting hemp-infused dishes for foodies to sink their teeth into. The Ganja Cafe has an interesting marijuana burger called Bhang Ka Sandwich., which is one of their bestsellers. There’s also hemp coffee, Club Sandwich infused with hemp and even french fries with the green touch. All dishes are made with cannabis seeds or hemp and not with cannabis leaves. Well, we can’t wait to visit The Hemp Cafeteria. What about you?