Pune Cake Artist’s 100 Kg Icing Structure Of Milan Cathedral Created World Records

royal icing structure
by Sanjana Shenoy

Victorian and European architecture has always inspired Prachi Dhabal Deb, the internationally acclaimed cake artist from Pune. Prachi created a spell-binding 100-kg vegan edible royal icing structure that found its place in the World Book of Records, London. The cake artist won another world record for creating a maximum number of vegan royal icing structures in the world, apart from the “biggest royal icing structure”. Read on to know more about her incredible feat.

Stunning Cathedral Structure Made Of Edible Vegan Royal Icing

Prachi Dhabal Desai created a 100kg edible vegan royal icing structure that’s an imposing recreation of the Milan Cathedral. Her edible take on the regal monument stands at 6 feet, 4 inches in length, 6 inches in height and 3 feet, 5 inches in width. This feat won her the “biggest royal icing structure” record in the World Book of Records, London. The entire structure is made by hand using egg-free, vegan royal icing. This is a delicate and challenging medium to be worked with. Royal icing has been used to prepare cakes for the British royal family.

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1500 Pieces Piped By Hand & Assembled

She revealed to India Today, the planning and preparation for the structure took a lot of time as she needed 1500 pieces to create the majestic Cathedral. Prachi single-handedly piped every piece, then assembled them delicately, taking her a month to create the stunning edible vegan replica of the monument. While the traditional royal icing recipe, needed eggs, Prachi developed an egg-free vegan royal icing that was suitable for the Indian market as well as across the world. The renowned royal icing artist also won a record for creating a maximum number of vegan royal icing structures.