Punjabi Munda Karan Kundrra Gorges On Amritsari Kulcha, Lassi & More At Chawla Fast Food

Karan relished Amritsari Chhole Kulcha, Chhole Bhature, Lassi, Kulfi, Langar, Aloo Chaat and a lot more!

by Ankita Mazumdar
Punjabi Munda Karan Kundrra Gorges On Amritsari Kulcha, Lassi & More At Chawla Fast Food

Karan Kundrra doesn’t need an introduction, his name is enough, along with his work as well. He met with our anchor, Arohi Thatte, for an exciting episode of Tere Gully Mein in Sion. He is a foodie and we thoroughly enjoyed filming this episode with him because we just couldn’t stop eating Amritsari Chhole Kulcha, Chhole Bhature, Lassi, Kulfi and more.

Karan Kundrra Relished Good Food At Chawla Fast Food

Karan Kundrra is an extremely cool person to do food hopping with and this time we were exploring Sion. He is a proper Punjabi Munda and it was only correct for us to start this episode at Sion Koliwada’s Gurudwara, Shri Dashmesh Darbar, to seek blessings. Later they also enjoyed an appetizing langar of roti, dal, achaar, and sabzi. The next stop was Chawla’s Fast Food, another crucial spot for our Punjabi munda. 

Chawla’s Fast Food is known to serve some lovely Punjabi food on the streets of Mumbai. How could we not take Karan Kundrra there? One of the members of the shop comes to take the order and he tells them that having food here means you will reminisce about the food from Delhi and Punjab. We were there to do exactly that. When the food arrived, Karan went, “Arey baap rey! Aa jaiyo jaiyo, memory toh filhal meri yeh aa rahi hai.” He was ready to gorge on delish food and we couldn’t stop drooling.

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They gorged on some piping hot Chhole Bhature where Chhole were garnished with pieces of paneer, tomatoes and chilli with a huge bottle of lassi. While eating this Karan Kundrra told us that these food items are staple ones for him. “Chhole Bhature hai, khaane hi hai!” he said. Soon the plates were changed from Chhole Bhature to Amritsari Chhole Kulche with a huge dollop of butter. That dollop of butter is the only correct way to eat a kulcha ever, yum!

He Noticed Something About Chawla’s Fast Food’s Amritsari Chhole Kulcha

karan kundraa
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Eating Punjabi food in Maharashtra feels like heaven. As the food items come down to the south side, little tweaks happen and Karan Kundrra was able to point that out. Karan Kundra smelled his Amritsari Chhole Kulcha before he even bit into it. So he went on to ask the storekeeper if they put garlic in Kulcha and they said yes.

Karan was surprised and told us that it was his first time having garlic in Amritsari Kulcha. This became a stark difference in terms of food between Punjab and Mumbai since Arohi had just asked him about his food difference in Mumbai and Punjab. That didn’t compromise on Amritsari Chhole Kulcha’s taste though.

Karan was so full that he had to take a tiny bit of rest and then move on to the next food location. We feel you, Karan! Even though he was almost full, he suggested we have some kulfi as he heard the shopkeeper mention it a few times. Karan said, “Mere hisab se toh khaa leni chaiye” to which Arohi agreed that it was too hot and humid and Kulfi was also had.

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Comment down below if you are also craving some of these food items from above. Which one calls out more?

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