Put These House Of The Dragon Shooting Locations On Your Bucket List

by Shreya Ghosh
Put These House Of The Dragon Shooting Locations On Your Bucket List

Game Of Thrones has a massive fanbase and the audience welcomed its prequel House Of The Dragon with lots of love and appreciation. There are a lot of factors behind the making of this hit and successful American television series. From great stories to impeccable acting to witnessing something so out of the ordinary, this series has a plethora to share. Among everything taking House of the Dragon a notch higher, the locations play a huge role. There are indeed some places that are actually sets and lots of CGI. But there are also many filming locations for this series where you can take a trip in real. Doesn’t that sound exciting? Here are the destinations that every House of the Dragon fan needs to visit.

House Of The Dragon Was Shot In These Locations

1. Trujillo

Spain’s beautiful medieval town, Trujillo is a magnificent destination to take a trip to. This location is a hidden gem so you can explore each and every corner without any crowd or rush. Witness magnificent medieval castles here and satisfy the history lover in you. If you are a GOT fan, you already know about Cácares, and Trujillo is at a distance of just 45 km from Cácares. The ambience and the sights make it a perfect location for House of the Dragon.

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2. Hampshire

There are several tourist attractions to explore in Hampshire. Caesar’s Camp, Portsmouth dockyard, and museums are the biggest attractions in this county. Some of Targaryen’s camp was shot here.

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3. Derbyshire

Matt Smith was seen shooting in Derbyshire in 2021. There are a lot of sights to witness in this county surrounded by picturesque tourist attractions. If you love forts, museums, and history, you will surely have the most memorable times of your life here.

4. Cornwall

Some of the most dramatic shots of House of the Dragon were shot in Cornwall. They started shooting here in April 2021 and they shot in Holywell beach, St. Michael’s Mount, and Kynance cove. Cornwall is a magnificent sight to behold. Lots of food, great scenic views, and pleasant weather is what Cornwall is all about.

5. Monsanto

Portugal’s Monsanto is another filming location for House of the Dragon. Monsanto is an alluring village with stunning castles, beautiful streets, and lots of historical charm in the air.