Pyaar Ka Punchnama’s Sonnalli Seygall Shares Healthy Snacking Options & We’re Taking Notes!

by Shreya Ghosh
Pyaar Ka Punchnama’s Sonnalli Seygall Shares Healthy Snacking Options & We’re Taking Notes!

Working out in the gym or doing it every day is not the most difficult task to get a healthy and well-toned body. The hardest part of the journey of getting fit is maintaining a diet and consuming nutritious food items. The journey can get irresistible at moments when we get cravings at any moment of the day. Most of the time, we just end up indulging in cheat meals to satiate our cravings. But don’t worry as we have some great options for healthy food to share with you. Bollywood actor Sonnalli Seygall shared a video giving a sneak peek at her healthy diet. Let’s check that out!

Sonnalli Seygall Lists Down Some Healthy Snacking Options:

The Pyaar Ka Punchnama actor has a great fitness game and we are certain that she works hard to maintain her health. Taking to Instagram, she shared a video of so many healthy options for snacking. These are surely some amazing alternatives for times when you get hunger pangs for some chatpata snacks or desserts. Check out the reel shared by Sonnalli here.


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The Healthy Snacks Suggested By The Actor Are:

Sonnalli Seygall shared so many options for nutritious snacking options in this video. These food items are not only healthy but are also very delicious. If you feel like nutrient-rich food is very bland and does not taste yummy, then you are a bit wrong. Here are some snacking options shared by Sonnalli:

 BONUS: These snacks can be made easily at your home!

  • Makhana
  • Vegetable soup & gluten-free bread
  • Black coffee with coconut oil
  • Coconut water
  • Salad
  • Naturally sweetened homemade cakes
  • Ginger lemon honey tea
  • Nuts & seeds
  • Chana & peanuts
  • Fruits
  • Nut milk smoothies

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This list includes several snacking options that work best to satiate your cravings for both masaledar and sweet hunger pangs. If you are on a diet, these foods are just perfect for your regular consumption. No matter if you are not on a diet, you can still include some of these snacks to munch at any time of the day.

So which of these snacks are you making now?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Sonnalli Seygall (sonnalliseygall), Pixabay