Qatar Airways Will Now Operate More Flights To El Qassim In Saudi Arabia

by Deeplata Garde
Qatar Airways Will Now Operate More Flights To El Qassim In Saudi Arabia

The food basket of Saudi will now have more flights carrying out passengers. We are talking about the biggest exporter of wheat, Al Qassim Province of Saudi Arabia. Qatar Airways took up the initiative to implement more flights on these routes. By connecting the lines to Riyadh, Jeddah, Madinah, and Dammam, the Doha-Qassim route provides the carrier’s sixth entry point into the Kingdom.

Weekly Departures To Saudi Arabia Rises from 61 to 65

By offering four weekly flights to Qassim, the carrier will give incoming passengers yet another place to travel. It will connect those leaving the city with Qatar Airways’ network of over 120 destinations through the Doha base.
The airline’s growing worldwide infrastructure now includes 123 destinations. The list includes Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific, North America, and South America.

Located roughly 400 kilometres northwest of the Kingdom’s capital, Riyadh, Qassim is in the middle of the country. The Riyadh area surrounds it to the south and east, the Ha’il region to the north, and the Medina province to the west. Using the North-South Railway Line, you may travel to Qassim from most of the Kingdom’s major cities. To appreciate these accessible sites, turn on your GPS. Highways quite connect Qassim.

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Saudi Arabia Airway Industry Observe Growth

The addition of this fifth location within the Kingdom demonstrates Qatar Airways’ unwavering dedication to providing travellers with unmatched five-star service. Airways saw a frequency increase of double to Saudi Arabia the year before.

Large infrastructure projects are now underway. And there is increased government investment in the private industry. Along with the opening of the inaugural route of 2013, the city of Qassim, the expansion is a joyous occasion.

The aircraft industry in Saudi has been observing unprecedented growth recently. And the officials are excited about launching additional flights into the market.

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