Women In Saudi Arabia Are Becoming DJs & Setting Trends In Parties

by Sanjana Shenoy
Women In Saudi Arabia Are Becoming DJs & Setting Trends In Parties

The next time you’re partying in perhaps Dubai, don’t be surprised to dance to the beats of a female DJ from Saudi Arabia. Yes, you read this right. Women from Saudi Arabia are slowly fulfilling their dreams of becoming a DJ. What once seemed absolutely impossible in the ultra-conservative country, is today a reality. Read on to know more about how women are taking up DJing as a career in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia Women Are Becoming Popular DJs

In an interview with AFP, 26-year-old Saudi DJ Leen Naif revealed that she has made a name for herself in the Saudi music circuit. Leen has been a DJ at the high-profile Formula 1 Grand Prix in Jeddah, Expo 2020 in Dubai. she stated to AFP that a lot of women DJs from Saudi Arabia are taking the stage. It’s now easier for them to take up DJing as a profession as even the audiences are comfortable seeing them on stage.

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Entertainment Reforms In Saudi Arabia Reason For Success

Lujain Albishi aka ‘Biirdperson’ stated to AFP that her family didn’t support her decision to become a DJ and instead wanted her to continue pursuing medical. But after she was invited to perform at MDLBeast Soundstorm in Riyadh where even French superstar DJ David Guetta performed, things changed for her. Women DJs in Saudi Arabia credit the expansion of entertainment options and new opportunities for women by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, as the reason for their success. We hope to watch many more women from Saudi Arabia become DJs. Meanwhile, if you ever visit Saudi Arabia, don’t forget to explore the World Sight Park.