Saudi Arabia Has New Entry/Exit Visa Requirements; Here’s Everything To Know

by Deeplata Garde
Saudi Arabia Has New Entry/Exit Visa Requirements; Here’s Everything To Know

Saudi Arabia attracts a huge mass of tourists every year. A major chunk of tourists come here for Umrah or to enjoy this scenic destination. Hence visa becomes an essential requirement to travel in the kingdom. A Saudi entry/exit visa is mandatory for benefactors with families or domestic workers living outside of Saudi Arabia. It also applies to employees who intend to leave the country and rejoin within a certain time frame.

Cost Structure And Requirements For Saudi Entry/Exit Visa

  1. The person for who is applying the visa has to be physically present in Saudi Arabia at the time of the visa’s issuance
  2. The passport of the person applying for the visa must be valid for at least 90 days.
  3. Check the validity of the individual’s Iqama who applies for the visa.
  4. The mandatory fingerprint of the person who is applying for this visa.


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However, the charge for the issue of numerous exit/re-entry visas is SR500. This allows for numerous journeys for up to three months, plus an additional SR200 for each month within the term of the iqama, according to the report.
Expats who break the law and do not arrive within the duration of their Saudi Arabia entry/exit visa will face charges of violation. They might face ban for three years from applying for a new visa in Saudi Arabia.

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Saudi Arabia To Invest $200 Billion In Tourism Sector

According to Saudi Tourism Minister Ahmed Al-Khateeb, the Kingdom plans to invest up to $200 billion by 2030. They expect at least 100 million visitors after the investment. The tourist sector’s share in Gdp will spike by 10% by 2030. Residents in the Kingdom took 64 million journeys in 2021, while international travellers numbered 5 million.
The Kingdom’s tourist visas, introduced in 2019, are still valid, and there are no particular rules for visitors visiting for tourism. When the tourism campaign came out in September 2019, the sector contributed 3% to the Kingdom’s GDP.

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