Saudi Arabia To Introduce New Visa Scheme For GCC Residents

by Deeplata Garde
Saudi Arabia To Introduce New Visa Scheme For GCC Residents

Saudi Arabia attracts a huge mass of tourists every year. A major chunk of tourists come here for Umrah(pilgrimage). Rest are here just to enjoy the beautiful destination. People planning to visit this destination should read ahead to understand the new visa scheme for GCC countries. This new initiative will boost tourism in Saudi Arabia according to the sources.

Saudi To Invest $200 Billion In Tourism Sector

According to Saudi Tourism Minister Ahmed Al-Khateeb, the Kingdom plans to invest up to $200 billion by 2030. They expect at least 100 million visitors after the investment. The tourist sector’s share in Gdp will spike by 10% by 2030. Residents in the Kingdom took 64 million journeys in 2021, while international travellers numbered 5 million.
The Kingdom’s tourist visas, introduced in 2019, are still valid, and there are no particular rules for visitors visiting for tourism. When the tourism campaign came out in September 2019, the sector contributed 3% to the Kingdom’s GDP.

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Major Upcoming Project In Saudi Arabia

Neom, a Saudi Arabia megacity, is still under construction, but its tourism director estimates millions of residents by 2030. The purpose-built metropolis of Neom will create as a smart, clean-energy-powered city. And they are preparing some very insane stuff, such as flying taxis, hologram instructors, and even an artificial moon. Get ready to witness some really tall skyscrapers in the world in Neom City. It will nestle in Saudi Arabia’s north-western Tabuk region along the coast of the Red Sea. The city will be 33 times the size of New York.

Dream of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the goal was to build two skyscrapers about 500 meters tall. It will span tens of kilometres horizontally. The towers will lodge a mixture of residential, commercial and office spaces extending from the Red Sea coast to the desert.

A crucial component of the city will be its transportation, which intends to be completely eco-friendly and car-free by 2030.

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