Saudi Arabia Will Soon Get A Skyscraper, 1,600 Feet In Height

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Saudi Arabia Will Soon Get A Skyscraper, 1,600 Feet In Height

Saudi Arabia is home to the world’s largest sandy desert and also the world’s largest airport already and now it is planning on becoming home to the world’s largest structure. The plan is to build two buildings that will be running parallel for 75 miles and will be as tall as 1,600 feet in height with somewhat around 150 stories. The skyscraper project which is named The Mirror Line will cost a jaw dropping trillion dollars. 

Mirror Line Will Be The Epicentre Of Neom

The new desert city Neom, which is being built in accordance with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s aspirations to set up a zero-carbon city in a 170-km stretch, has been envisioned as having Mirror Line as its epicentre. The size of the new desert city will be comparable to Massachusetts. Neom, which is owned by the national wealth fund of Saudi Arabia, aims to draw in foreign capital and generate thousands of new employment. Last January, Prince Mohammed first revealed his vision for this linear metropolis, claiming it would have no automobiles and no pollution. He compared Neom to a contemporary equivalent of the Egyptian pyramids. The engineers said that the structure will take about 50 years to be completed but the Prince wants it to be complete by 2030.  

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Mirror Line To House 5 Million People

The Mirror Line will house about 5 million people and will also have vertical farming for residents to have enough food. It will have a high speed train to let people move about in it under the building. It will also have a sports stadium stretching as high as 1000 into the sky and a yacht marina. The residents will be served breakfast, lunch and dinner only when they pay subscriptions. The Mirror Line will have two buildings made out of mirrored glass which will be connected by walkways crossing desert terrains and mountains. It will also have a complex to house the Saudi Government. 

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