World’s Largest Superyacht To Offer 39 Apartments With 7-Star Facilities At ₹84 Crores

by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 1261

How would you like to live in a lavish home where you can wake up one morning to see the glaciers of Antarctica and the mysteries of the Mediterranean, on the next? Well, at ‘Somnio’, the world’s largest superyacht, the super rich can travel and stay in luxury. This 222-metre vessel offers 39 apartments with 7-star hotel facilities, access to a wine cellar and more starting at a whopping ₹84 crore. The designs for this superyacht are out and it will leave you awestruck. Here’s everything you must know about the world’s largest superyacht due to launch in 2024.

Somnio Is The World’s Largest Superyacht For The Richie Rich

At ‘Somnio’, being built in Norway, the boat is set to have 6 floors with 39 luxury apartments. These apartments will have their own gyms, libraries, indoor and outdoor dining spaces and  kitchens. This architecture for this yacht is the brainchild of Swedish design company Tillberg Design and London-based Winch Design. Exclusive condos will be priced from  $11.2 million. And this will be available only on referral or invitation, the identity of the owners will remain a secret. Owners can enjoy utter privacy in a superyacht in the lap of luxury and blue waters. Each apartment will be fully customizable.

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Picture Credits: Winch Design

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Customizable Luxury Apartments, Wine Cellars, Gyms, Libraries & More

This is only the beginning of the long list of luxuries for the apartment owners. Somnio has a 10,000-bottle wine cellar coupled with a tasting room. Swanky bars and restaurants offering top-notch drinks and dishes are something to look forward to. All amenities in this hotel will be of 7-star hotel service standards. A sprawling beach club, world-class medical care and watersports are the other facilities here. Somnio is estimated to be built at a whopping cost of $600 million. The top notch medical care will protect apartment owners from the global pandemic and other risks.

Picture Credits: Winch Design

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This Is The World’s First Residential Yacht

Somnio is not only the world’s largest superyacht, but will also be the only residential yacht. Travel enthusiasts and the Richie Rich can travel all four corners of the globe from the blue waters of the Mediterranean to the scenic glaciers of Antarctica. Live in a house that floats in the sea and wake up on an other end of the world. Starting from ₹84 crore for a luxury apartment, this will be an extravagant lifestyle. Meanwhile, when it’s safer to travel, you can go on a cosy yacht in Aamchi Mumbai and Goa. 

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