Sail Into Vacay Mode In These 10 Super Luxury Private Yachts

by Sneha Biswas
Sail Into Vacay Mode In These 10 Super Luxury Private Yachts

When it comes to making the most of your holidays, away from the hustle-bustle of the concrete jungle, we say nothing quite cuts it like chartering a yacht through turquoise waters. From exploring warm beaches and islands dotting the Caribbean coast, to sailing through picturesque seaside cities and exploring rustic churches in Northern Europe, a yachting holiday is the ultimate way to live the good life. Unlike cruising, renting out an entire yacht offers you all the privacy in the world, and much needed quality time with friends and family. So, whether you want to sail from one port to another, or explore new seashores everyday, here’s our lowdown on some of the swankiest yachts that’ll not make you miss the comforts of being on land, even for a day.

1. Serene

Serene, one of the super yachts that’s got a larger than life feel. It has seven decks, a hangar to park your private jet, and two helicopter pads, just in case you feel like taking a quick flight out, is quite the luxury escape. Ever wondered what marine life looks under the ocean waters? Well, Serene gives you the opportunity to get a close-up view of the fascinating marine world, when you book a stay in its underwater room. If you’d rather make the most of the blues that surround you, take a dip in the yacht’s seawater swimming pool, or unwind in the jacuzzi, or better still head up to the sundeck swimming pool that comes equipped with jet streams for some R&R time. The yacht’s Piano Bar and Lounge is the perfect setting for an evening of live entertainment. Unlike other vessels, Serene can ferry up-to 24 passengers, with 12 guest cabins and extra rooms for staff, and a dedicated children’s play area, making it ideal for your next family getaway.


Destinations: France-Italy-Monaco-Croatia-Spain, Greece-Turkey, South Pacific
Avg cost for private bookings: AED 20,347,934 per week (₹ 397,210,000 per week)

2. Here Comes The Sun

With its teak decks, touch-and-go helipad, sundeck jacuzzi, infinity pool and an indoor cinema, Here Comes The Sun is one of Amels’s limited edition yachts encompassing six decks and a huge private owner’s deck, sprawled across 300 square meters. You can indulge in detox sessions at their sauna room or head to the airy beach club to enjoy a drink of your choice while taking in a beautiful sunset. We think this might just be your favourite spot on the deck. To top it, this superyacht also comes with an on-board grand piano to keep you entertained. If you’re feeling a bit adventurous while on sail, try out waterskiing or scuba diving, from their list of outdoorsy activities. Set sail for the Mediterranean and Northern Europe in the summer, or opt for warmer climes in Central America and Caribbean during the winter.


Destinations: Mediterranean, Northern Europe (summer) Central America, Caribbean (winter)
Avg cost for private bookings: AED 4,876,680 per week, (₹ 95,197,200 per week)

3. Pathos

Cruising in Pathos is all about the sun, sea, fun and relaxation. If you’re on the lookout for short trips, Pathos might be the way to go. This compact vessel, with modern interiors, can accommodate up to 12 guests in 6 cabins, including a master suite that comes with a private sauna, and a deck, for an expansive view of the surrounding water. While each cabin offers hi-tech gadgets like LCD TV’s and portable speakers, we suggest you spend your evening in their main saloon area which has a comfy lounge and a restaurant that hosts musical nights on request. Pathos also offers a range of fun water activities, so you can take a go on their inflatable water slide that starts from the upper deck and goes right into the sea, or ride the waves with a lesson in water skiing. There’s not likely to be a dull moment when your on board this yacht.


Destinations: Greece,Turkey
Avg cost for private bookings: AED 508,698- AED 580,127  per week (₹ 9,930,250- ₹11,280,764 per week)

4. Crystal Esprit by Crystal Cruises

Making it to the list of luxury cruise lines, Crystal Cruises offers an exclusive yacht, the Crystal Esprit which comes with a staff of 90, catering to 62 guests, and it doesn’t stop there. Each of its 31 suites offers 24-hour butler service, pulling out all the stops to ensure your stay is smooth sailing. Somewhere between spending lazy days on board, to being rocked to sleep by the gentle ocean waves, there’s also a whole range of curated travel itineraries to choose from. So you can go island hopping or just stay anchored in a picturesque harbor under a skyful of stars, or perhaps enjoy a special candle night dinner by the shore. Apart from its fancy offerings, the yacht sails through vast stretches of the Indian Ocean, you can also make a stop along the Mediterranean coast if spending idyllic time by the beach is your favourite pastime, the British Virgin Islands are also a popular choice among travelers.

Destinations: Indian Ocean, Mediterranean, Middle East, Central Europe, Europe
Avg cost for private bookings: AED 1,845,622 per week (₹ 35,889,250 per week)

5. Sea Dream

Apart from taking off on a much-needed yacht vacay, you can also set sail to organise corporate do’s or have your dream wedding on board. Sea Dream checks all the boxes with a capacity of 95 crew members and 112 guests, it’s as good as your private island amidst the vast blues. As comfortable as staying in any boutique hotel, you can kick start your day with morning yoga on the deck, laze by the salt water pool, or enjoy a gourmet cheese platter with your drink at their in-house bar. This twin-mega yacht takes you through offbeat routes like the Atlantic coast, but if you’re setting out during the chilly winter months, the Caribbean islands would be ideal, or the Mediterranean shores during spring.


Destinations: Mediterranean, Caribbean, Transatlantic
Avg cost for private bookings: AED 508,698- AED 580,127 per week (₹ 9,930,250- ₹ 11,280,764 per week)

6. Nirvana

The calmness of the ocean coupled with endless days of sunshine and rich underwater life, the tropical vibe in the Maldives will keep you coming back for more. And if you’re a self-confessed beach lover like us, then Nirvana, the superyacht can be your own private paradise next spring break. Built by Oceanco, this is one of the most opulent yachts, spread across five decks. There’s no dearth of things to do, the swimming pool converts itself into a dance floor come evening, and for a bit of an adrenaline rush you can partake of their on-board water sport activities. While you get to enjoy all of that, you can leave your toddlers to play on the deck, without a worry, as the entire area is fenced with a protective net. Your next Maldivian yacht charter on the Nirvana will make sure you get your fill of every possible leisure activity, without craving the comforts of big city life.


Destinations: Western Mediterranean, Indian Ocean and South East Asia
Avg cost for private bookings: AED 3,676,810 per week (₹ 71,497,800 per week)

7. Okto

Okto is a modern yacht with sleek exteriors, complimenting its plush decor and comfy ambiance. Cruising through popular destinations like the Bahamas, North America and the Caribbean islands, the yacht is packed with elements like a spacious deck made out of an eco-friendly material called esthec, touch-and-go helipads and a six-meter long fresh salt water pool. You can book yourself a stay in their master suite which has skylights and a private drop down balcony to experience uninterrupted views of the sea. Ideal for those who tend to get sea sick, Okto has minimum noise levels to ensure a smoother journey.

Destinations: Mediterranean, North America, Caribbean, Bahamas
Avg cost for private bookings: AED 1,628,564 per week (₹ 31,776,800 per week)

8. O’Mega

If chartering a yacht means sipping on champagnes and relishing gourmet cuisine, then O’Mega fits the bill. With a host of modern facilities, O’Mega comes with four spacious decks that can accommodate up to 30 guests. You can spend an entire day lounging by the spa pool on the sun deck, or dine outdoors while looking out at great views of the ocean. They also allow you to host a small gatherings with your friends and family surrounded by the picturesque scenery of island ports all lit up in the evening. But if you’re prefer exploring places, rather than staying indoor, you can head towards the idyllic landscape of the Mediterranean islands, a hot spot for yachters throughout the year.


Destinations: Greece, Turkey, Maldives, Italian Riviera, Sardinia, Corsica, Italian West coast
Avg cost for private bookings: AED 2,239,644 per week (₹ 43,701,075 per week)

9. Moonlight II

Chartering a yacht might be an expensive affair but we say, splurging in the Moonlight II, one of the largest yachts currently plying, is worth the money. With a capacity to accommodate 36 guests in 18 cabins and a crew of 32, its interiors are massive. Moonlight II sails to different locations, popular ones are Greece, Turkey, Maldives, Italian Riviera, Sardinia, Corsica and the Italian West coast. In between your long voyages, if you’re in the mood to soak up some sun, head to their sundeck for a dip in the jacuzzi or pamper yourself at the yacht’s beauty salon. In addition to these, open air movie nights on board are another way to spend your evenings. Want to surprise your partner? Request for a candle night dinner under a sky full of stars and you won’t be disappointed.


Destinations: Mediterranean, Caribbean, South and Central America, Europe
Avg cost for private bookings: AED 2,422,888- AED 2,622,420 per week (₹ 47,276,617 to ₹ 51,169,986 per week)

10. Martha Ann

Martha Ann is equipped with six decks for your luxury gateway to the Western Mediterranean, Caribbean and parts of Europe. This massive charter not only has a contemporary feel, but also comes furnished with classy interiors. Accommodating up to 12 guests in seven staterooms, it also comes with a lavish 1400 square-feet master suite. And it’s split across two levels with a private entrance and a study. Its main salon and dining room is located on the main deck, connected with a gleaming glass circular stairway. The Martha Ann’s furniture and furnishings reflects a colonial-style. which give it the wow-factor. But if you think that’s all there is to it, then you’re wrong. The yacht also has a sundeck with a wet bar, along with a spa pool where you can cool off after your pamper sessions.

Destinations: Western Mediterranean, Caribbean, Europe
Avg cost for private bookings: AED 2,109,149 per week (₹ 41,154,795 per week)