Quarantined In Mohali? You’ll Have To Send A Selfie To Prove Cops That You’re Home

by Suchismita Pal
Quarantined In Mohali? You’ll Have To Send A Selfie To Prove Cops That You’re Home

Ever thought that a selfie would come to help to put a check on the spread of COVID-19? If not, this story will tell you how. Punjab’s Mohali police have launched a new app to monitor people in the quarantined areas through selfies. The residents have been mandated to click a picture every hour and post it on the app. The app will then track their locations through the selfies. Read on to know more.

What Is It?

‘COVID Control’ is an app introduced by the Mohali police to keep a track on the home-quarantined people in the region. With the help of the selfies clicked, this app will not only detect peoples’ locations but also ensure that there aren’t any unauthorised movements outside the permitted zones. If anyone is caught moving out, a buzzer will ring in the control room of the police and the violator will get a warning message. Also, the residents have been told not to switch off the GPS of their phones. They will not be able to turn off their phones either. The police have informed that strict actions will be taken against all those who do not follow these rules.

Picture Credits: TOI

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What’s More?

The mobile application employs geo-fencing technology to identify quarantined areas and people living in those areas. Even those who are not quarantined can download the app to see which areas are marked as red zones. Also, whenever someone enters an infected area, he or she will be instantly notified through the app.

Picture Credits: DNA India

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The authorities are making smart utilization of technology to assist people during the dark hour. Also, the central government has created another app ‘Aarogya Setu’. It helps you keep a track on your and also alerts you if you step into an unsafe zone or come to contact with someone who might be infected. It will also show in which zone you are currently residing- green, orange or red.