Queen Elizabeth Launches Own Brand Of Ketchup Costing ₹670 For Bottle

by Sanjana Shenoy
Queen Elizabeth Launches Own Brand Of Ketchup Costing ₹670 For Bottle

Queen Elizabeth II bagged headlines last year for selling gin made from leaves sourced from Buckingham Palace’s backyard. As the revenue from tourism from her residence fell, this was another way to reach out to the crowds, urging them to try an exclusive gin, that’s her personal favourite. The burger-loving Queen Elizabeth has now launched a new Royal condiment brand. Named “Royal Estate”, this brand has two products tomato ketchup and the British brown sauce, similar to the iconic Worcestershire sauce.  So, read on to know everything about the Queen’s own rand of tomato ketchup and brown sauce.

Burger Lover Queen Elizabeth Launches Royal Tomato Ketchup Brand

While Queen Elizabeth isn’t a fan of fast food, she adores burgers, especially hamburgers. Her Majesty likes indulging in a special hamburger concocted by her Royal Chef of 15 years. The burger doesn’t have any bun and is usually served with special sauces and a side of cranberries. Taking her love for burgers to a new level, Queen Elizabeth has launched “Royal Estate”, a Royal brand for tomato ketchup and brown sauce. A People report revealed that the tomato ketchup, made of dates, apple juice, spices and tomatoes,  is best devoured with breakfast.

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Buy A Bottle Of Exclusive Royal Tomato Ketchup For ₹670

The brown sauce is packed with vinegar and spices. It’s believed that the ingredients used for the brown sauce and tomato ketchup are sourced from the Royal Family’s Sandringham estate in Norfolk. The condiments are also made at the same estate. A bottle of 284g of the exclusive Royal ketchup is sold for ₹670 at the Sandringham Royal Estate online shop. So, the next time you visit the UK, grab a bottle of the finest tomato ketchup and add it to your burger.  Meanwhile, head to Plan B Burger Bar in Nagpur to feast on Gourmet Burgers.