Queen Elizabeth Starts To Sell Gin As UK’s Tourism Revenue Is Hit Hard

by Sanjana Shenoy
Queen Elizabeth Starts To Sell Gin As UK’s Tourism Revenue Is Hit Hard

The coronavirus pandemic has badly hit the tourism and hospitality industries all over the world. To grapple the consequent fall of tourism revenue, some countries are even paying tourists to holiday post lockdown. In the UK, Queen Elizabeth II started selling gin prepared from leaves handpicked from the backyard of the Buckingham Palace. She does this as revenue from tourists visiting her residence fell due to the coronavirus pandemic. So this means, people like you and me can now sip exclusive gin that the Queen herself likes to drink.

Queen Elizabeth II Sells Gin Made From Leaves Found At The Buckingham Palace After UK Tourism Dips

In what comes as fascinating news, Queen Elizabeth II sells gin made from bay and mulberry leaves found at the Buckingham Palace. Since cash from tourists visiting her residences plunged, she resorted to selling this premium small-batch London dry gin. Royal Collection Trust, a department of the Royal Household launched this gin for sale at its shops on July 13. So Londoners and tourists can purchase this exclusive gin made with leaves from the Buckingham Palace itself. So that’s undoubtedly a royal drink!

Picture Credits: businessinsider.com

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Queen’s Exclusive Gin Sells For ₹3783 On The Buckingham Palace Website

This move comes after reportedly the revenues from UK tourism dipped during the pandemic. It caused a massive $22 million hole in the finances. Queen Elizabeth II  has personally contributed to the preparation of this exclusive drink. It’s even available online on the Buckingham Palace Website, for ₹3783. This royal gin is made from herbs and citrus-like lemon and royal plants, handpicked from the Queen’s garden.

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The website describes this gin as an ideal summer thirst quencher. It emphasizes that the perfect way to enjoy this drink is to pour a measure of the gin in an ice-filled tumbler. After which it needs to be garnished with a slice of lemon or topped with tonic. The drink comes in a chic blue glass bottle captioned ‘Buckingham Palace Dry Gin’ in the front.

Picture Credits: rct.uk

Reportedly, all the profits from the sale of this exclusive gin go to the Royal Trust Collection which manages the Buckingham Palace. So anyone up for an exclusive bottle of royal gin? You can even make yourself a refreshing Caprioska in the comfort of your home.