#LockdownRecipe – Make Caprioska Under A Minute

by Sanjana Shenoy
#LockdownRecipe – Make Caprioska Under A Minute

The lockdown has turned many of us into chefs and bartenders. And while we go along each day trying to hone our new-found cooking skills, we at Curly Tales are here to provide you with new lockdown recipes to add that special culinary touch to your day. Using this #LockdownRecipe, you can make a chilled, refreshing glass of Caprioska under a minute. Caprioska is a classic cocktail made with vodka and lime. So time to turn on the high?

#LockdownRecipe Caprioska Under A Minute

Ingredients Needed

Absolute Vodka
Orange Peel


First, dice the lemon into 4 pieces. Put the 4 slices of lemon inside a shaker, add 2 tsp of sugar and squeeze the remaining lemon inside the shaker. Once you’re done with this, muddle the ingredients together. Then, add 60 ml of vodka. Put a few cubes of ice into the shaker. And then proceed to shake it nicely. Once you’re done, pour the drink into a glass. Finally, add an orange peel for a fancy twist. You can even use the orange peel to lace the glass with its flavour. And Voila! Your Caprioska cocktail is ready!

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