Lockdown Recipe Ep 1: Delicious 3-Ingredient Dalgona Coffee

by Jinal Inamdar
Lockdown Recipe Ep 1: Delicious 3-Ingredient Dalgona Coffee

What Is It?

Dalgona coffee. This name must’ve popped up on your social media feed too often, or even better a video or an image of this frothy coffee must be doing rounds on your Insta feed, just like it’s on ours, now!

So what’s all the big deal, and why’s it such a hype? Where did this coffee suddenly emerge from and is it worth a try?

Let me answer all your questions.

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My Dalgona Story

When I came across a picture of this coffee on my Instagram feed, it looked quite a deal and me being a coffee lover, I wanted to instantly give it a try, given the fact I cannot get out of home for a while now and have to brew my own cuppa every day. I try and find new and different ways of making my coffee to satiate my coffee-pangs!

When I looked up the recipe, it made me want to try it right then, because it literally uses just 3 ingredients! And they’re basic AF!

Here’s my honest story about what happened when I first tried it.

So the recipe is a 1:1:1 ratio. Which means, it requires equal amounts of coffee, sugar and water.


2 teaspoons instant coffee
2 teaspoons sugar
2 teaspoons water

When I added the water, I was so confident, I didn’t bother measuring it and it turned out so liquidy, that it would take me almost an hour to whip it up to the right consistency. So I threw off the mixture (lol – great people don’t invent great things in one go!) and mixed it another time, with the exact measurements and this time it seemed ok. This is when I wasn’t filming it. Just giving it a try for myself.

I began whisking it with our usual egg hand-beater and God that felt like eternity! My arm hurt because of all the whisking but I took breaks in between, even passed to bowl to people at home to whisk for a while -LOL

After sometime, the mixture began changing colour from dark brown to a caramel. And after some 25ish minutes, the consistency seemed like it was supposed to be. Totally creamy with soft peaks (I learnt this line when I was watching a cake baking show once :P)

Once this hard part is done, all you gotta do is assemble. Take a glass or cup and fill it with plain milk. I prefer cold over hot and then just place the coffee cream over it like a layer. If you want to post pictures of it and make it look all fancy, do it slowly, dollop by dollop and if your consistency is right, it’ll look pretty no matter how you place it.

And voila! You are now the proud barista of the super-popular Dalgona coffee at the comfort of your very own home!

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Here’s some fun facts about this coffee:

  • It is known as Tik Tok coffee because it got famous on Tik Tok
  • It is also known as the 400 coffee, because it is beaten almost 400 times to bring it to the right consistency
  • The name Dalgona evolved from a South Korean candy which looks like the top of this coffee

Yes you can use an electric beater too, to save time and to save an arm! And yes you can have it with cold or hot milk, and can also substitute sugar with honey as you may please. But with honey, I’m not too sure of the creamy consistency as honey can weigh down the light and airy-ness of the mixture.

When I made the coffee the first time, I wasn’t aware about how big a deal it would be, until people began blowing up my inbox on Instagram with messages for the recipe. Soon, I filmed myself making the coffee and posted it on my Instagram, and it’s been 3 days now, since people have been trying it and tagging me in their posts, to an extent, they’re now even addressing me as the Dalgona girl. LOL! Clearly, the recipe and the videos went viral.

The recipe is now up on all our Curly Tales social media platforms too! Have fun, stay safe, keep whisking!