8 FREE Things To Do When #SocialDistancing Is The New Norm

by Angel Merchant
8 FREE Things To Do When #SocialDistancing Is The New Norm

Amidst COVID-19 outbreak, Curly Tales encourages you to stay indoors. We take you around the world from the comfort of your home. #SpreadPositivity #ArmchairTravel

With the world coming to a complete halt, we’re all starting to come to terms with leading the solo life. We can’t go out with friends and can’t invite them over, so basically we’re under total family and self isolation. Work has either become limited, or stopped completely. We don’t have much of school or university, and life has become rather bleak and dull. So, what to do all day? Here are some fun things you can do all day pass your time.

1. Work Up A Sweat

Especially now more than ever, we all need exercise. During our pre-Corona lives, many of us may have not had time to do the exercises we needed. Now, you can start every morning with a 10-12 minute basic circuit workout. You can google a number of different exercises, or even follow a comprehensive youtube video. Keep checking out our site for our upcoming article, top 10 workouts to do from home.

2. Movie Binge

This is probably everyone’s favourite! I bet there are a hundred of movies to catch up on, and this is the time. Plus, since the family is home all the time, you can enjoy some great family movie nights together. You can binge series, and movies all you want. This is definitely the time to get a Netflix account, or renew your subscription. And with the new feature on Netflix, Netflix Party, you can enjoy watching movies all together! You can also order all your favourite movie snacks from Vox cinemas! Also, March on 29th, Vox cinemas is offering a special deal, where get a free popcorn with every order! Check out Free Popcorn On Movie Snacks Orders With Vox Cinemas

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3. Play Board Games

This a pastime we all love, but don’t do much off. Board games are loads of fun, especially when you have the whole family to play with. Pick an evening, make some snacks, and play some awesome boardgames. You can play any of the fun classics like Scrabble, Jenga, Twister, and Monopoly. There so many new games out on phones as well. If you’re interested in spy mysteries, check out spynet.com, where each individual in the game has to figure out who the spy is. Or, you can play one of Ellen’s popular games such as Psych!, or heads up!

board games


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4. De Clutter

None of us enjoy this, but we all know how necessary it is. De cluttering can really help you clean up your space, and get yourself organised. It can be quite difficult during this time to keep yourself organised with everyone at home and everything around. De cluttering is the key to keeping yourself more productive. It can also help calm and relax your mind.

5. Catch Up On Sleep

With all the extra free time on your hands, you can catch up on all the missed sleep. Pre-Corona time, had all of us waking up early for work, and sleeping really late. Now, we can wake up at our own leisure, and sleep as and when we want! So take advantage of the excess time, relax and take a breather. You deserve it!

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6. Make A Long Distance Call

The authorities in Dubai have made our lives much easier. They have released a list of video and audio calling applications, that are now free to use! Many of us have family in countries around the world. You can now call them for free, and catch up! Normally we’re so busy, we don’t get the time to call up all of our family around the world. Now that we have the time, this is one of the things we should be prioritising. Check out our page for our upcoming article on all the free video calling applications in the UAE.

7.  Learn A Recipe

For all the chefs out there, this is the time to have some fun experimenting. Many of us cook in a hurry, and do it out of duty, for our kids and families. Now that we’re not in a constant rush, we can indulge in some yummy recipes, and create some delectable dishes. With restaurants shut down, sure we can order. But many are not ordering due to the Coronavirus scare. Hence, its time for all of you interested in the art of food, to start cooking up some new stuff!

Cooking vegetables in real, rustic kitchen. Natural light, short DOF, a little bit noisy.

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8. Read A Book

This is probably the most calming and relaxing activity you can do. Pick a classic, or find something new to read. If you don’t have any books at home, you can order books from noon.com, or Amazon. I recently ordered a book from Noon, and it took about a week to come. It’s a great way to spend all that extra time!

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