Free Popcorn On Movie Snacks Orders With Vox Cinemas

by Angel Merchant
Free Popcorn On Movie Snacks Orders With Vox Cinemas

Just because you can’t go to cinemas, doesn’t mean you have to be deprived of movie nights. With sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and even just normal TV, you can enjoy an awesome movie night in. Huddle the family together, dim the lights, pick a movie of your choice, and watch it on the big screen. All you need is some popcorn and movie snacks, in order to make it the complete cinema experience. Vox cinemas are now open to all, for online orders of any of their movie snacks and is also giving away free popcorn with every order. The special offer is valid only on 29 March.

The Menu

The menu has a variety of unique items, one such example is butter chicken nachos! You can also indulge in a massive hotdog, burgers, sandwiches, chicken rolls, and much much more. The snacks also range from chicken popcorn, kebabs and samosas, to crepes, corn, and fresh juices. Of course, the classic nachos and popcorn are available, and will be delivered warm and fresh, straight to your home. All you have to do is order online, which can be done through any online delivery application.

There are also plenty desserts that you can choose from in their online menu. So anytime you’re feeling like a nice family and friends movie night, you can enjoy the full cinema experience right at home! And make sure to pick the 29th of March as your movie night, because with all orders, you’ll receive a free popcorn!

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The deal is available at the following branches.


  • Burjuman,
  • Deira City Centre
  • Mirdif Centre
  • City Centre Shindagha
  • Mall of the Emirates
  • Mercato Mall
  • Nakheel Mall
  • Wafi

Abu dhabi

  • Abu Dhabi Mall
  • Al Jimi Mall (Al Ain)
  • Marina Mall
  • Nation Towers
  • The Galleria Al Maryah Island
  • Yas Mall


  • Sharjah City Centre

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What Else?

Netflix also has a new feature added on, due to self isolation measures being taken on around the world. Netflix party! With this new feature on Netflix, you can now synch movies so that you and your friends can watch simultaneously, even though you’re apart! In the past, when you wanted to watch a movie wth your friends, miles away, you’d both have to click play, pause etc, all at exactly the same time. Now, Netflix party will do that for you. It bridges the gap between you and your distant family or friends, and allows you all to watch a movie at the same time.

A group will be made, where you can add as many friends as you want. Then, when one person clicks play, it will play for all, one person’s pause will pause for all, and the same with fast forwarding and rewinding. This way, everyones watching the same movie at the same time! There is even a side bar, when you and your friends can discuss whats going on during the movie.

Credits: Chromewebstore

In order for this to work, everyone in the group needs a Netflix account. You can subscribe for foe a 30 day free trial, or pay a minimal fee per month. The price varies depending on the package you choose. You can download the feature off of Google Chrome wesbstore.