10 Fun Indoor Activities To Do With Kids When You’re Quarantined

by Angel Merchant
10  Fun Indoor Activities To Do With Kids When You’re Quarantined

The holidays have come in early this year, and children are looking for things to do. With the outbreak of Corona, its tough to find any successfully running camps, or outdoor activities. Many don’t want to leave their children in indoor play areas, which leaves us with very few options. There are, however, a number of fun activities and games children can enjoy at home. We’ve put together a unique and interesting list of fun you can have with your children, and all of it is safe and indoors.

1. Custom Card & Board Games From Games Knight

Games Knight by Mridula Gupta, offers personalised, high-quality board games and card games that you can enjoy with your family while you quarantine at home. They create one-of-a-kind custom board games and card games for your family, encompassing your favourite memories, stories, and inside jokes. You can pick from an expansive range of board games, card games, wooden puzzles, personalized poker sets, and more.  Kamiya Jani, CTO of Curly Tales ordered  personalised UNO cards for herself and she has been loving it. To place an order or inquire about products, write to their team at info@gamesknight.in or call at +91-8591073131.


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2. Indoor Treasure Hunt

Surprise your little ones with a mysterious and exciting treasure hunt. Leave little notes with clues on, in different places around the house. You can stuff them in drawers, kitchen cabinets, under the mattress, and inside pillow covers. You can make it educational by adding in little math questions and if the children answer correctly, they can get the next clue. This can be a fun way to revise their lessons from school, keep them occupied, and they can have lots of good fun!

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3. Painting

Let your little ones enjoy being Picasso for a day. Set up an easel, hand them an apron, a pair of gloves, a paint brush and a palette. They will be occupied all day long, and have loads of fun! You can also provide them with a painting that they have to copy. Or else, they can go crazy and abstract. This is definitely something that will keep them happy and safe during this long break.


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4. Baking

Children love baking. And although normally its a strenuous and lengthy process, with Betty Crocker it can be a piece of cake, literally. Pick up a Betty Crocker cake mix of any choice, from any store. Let your children follow the instruction manual and the cake can be made in under 10 min! Make sure to help them out with the baking in the oven. Other than that, they’re all set!

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5. Put On A Play

A fan of the theatre? Watch a stellar performance, starring your children! Give them an idea, characters and a general script, (You can find all this online). Let them practice for a couple hours, and voila! They’ll have probably put on an amazing show. Children are much smarter than we give them credit for, so don’t second guess them. See how it goes, and you can increase the difficulty level with time. The kids love dressing up, so hand over some of your old dresses and some make up. I guarantee you they will have a ball!

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6. Movie time

You can enjoy a good two hours of your day solo, once you put a movie on for your kids. Not the healthiest past time, but everyone loves movies. Get some popcorn, some tasty juices, and choose a Netflix favourite. Or else choose from movies like Shrek, Frozen, Finding Nemo and more. If you’d like to add an educational twist to it, after their done with the movie, ask them questions about it. See how much information they can retain!

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7. Origami

A great and creative past time for children, is taking part in an Origami activity. There are a bunch of origami videos available online, and kids can even follow the step to step videos themselves. Give them different coloured papers, some scissors and glue, and they’re all set. Watch them do wonders with just some sheets of paper!

8. Decorating Cupcakes

Children will love decorating cupcakes. They can express their artistic creativity with icing tubes and even marzipan kits. You can pick up a Betty Crocker icing kit from any supermarket, and you can also get a marzipan kit at Spinney’s. Children can make fun designs and shapes, and they can even draw characters with the marzipan! After they’re done, they can eat their delicious snack.

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9. Write A Short Story

We all know how much kids love talking and telling stories. So why not let them put it down on paper? They can author their own stories and illustrate them as well. Later on, you can get the book bound at the printer shop, and make some copies as well. It can be a memento of the first book your little one ever wrote! Children can read books before hand in order to get some inspiration for their stories.

10. Playdates

You can always organise small playdates with a friend or two in your house, and the kids will keep themselves occupied all day. You can bake cookies for the two of them and give them a bunch of toys to play with. Unless they’re hungry or need to use the loo, they probably won’t bother you for the rest of the day.