Robots Make Cocktails And Carve Ice Balls In South Korea

by Gizel Menezes
Robots Make Cocktails And Carve Ice Balls In South Korea

While robots had made it into the service industry a long time ago, the new uncertainty introduced in the world due to the coronavirus pandemic is making them a popular choice again. In South Korea, robo-bartenders have taken over the country’s cafe and bar culture and are literally shaking things up!

robots make cocktails in south korea
Image Courtesy: Reuters India

Robots In South Korea Are Making Cocktails And Carving Ice

As South Korea transitions from intensive social distancing to ‘distancing in daily life’, its bars and cafes are using bots as a means to reassure as well as attract customers. These robots are making cocktails and are carving perfect ice balls, all in the fraction of the time it takes a human to do the same things.

According to a Reuters report, in Coffee Bar K in Seoul, Cabo, a 6-foot-tall robot has taken over as bartender. Not only does he work efficiently, but also describes his actions to the patrons. Carving ice for a whisky on the rocks behind the bar, he says in Korean, “Do you see this? A beautiful ice ball has been made. Enjoy some cold whisky.”

While the robot made his debut in 2017, his presence is acting as a reassuring factor for customers. As bars all over South Korea look to encourage customers to return to entertainment facilities after the COVID-19 outbreak, these robots make for a comforting sight.

robots make cocktails in south korea
Image Courtesy: Moneycontrol

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Robotic Arm Shakes Up Mojitos In South Korea’s Cafe

At another coffee bar in Seoul called Cafe Bot Bot Bot, a robotic arm shakes up mojitos and other cocktails. It’s manager Kim Tae-wan points out that this robotic arm, called the ‘drink bot’, can provide a consistent quality to their mixes. Something that human bartenders can’t do.

While that certainly seems like a valid point, customers say that robo-bartenders lack one critical quality – the fact that you can’t talk to them! Well, that’s one major bargain we have to take into account if we employ robots.

While the use of robots to decrease human-to-human contact to contain the spread of the virus has turned into a viable option, its downside is the same as before. It leads to a potential loss of jobs. As unemployment levels soar around the world, we definitely have to look for alternative solutions.

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