Rakul Singh Preet & Kamiya Jani Enjoy A Lohri Special Sunday Brunch & Plays Fun Games | Curly Tales

by Shreya Ghosh
Rakul Singh Preet & Kamiya Jani Enjoy A Lohri Special Sunday Brunch & Plays Fun Games | Curly Tales

How to enjoy the best Lohri celebrations? Spend the day gorging on the most tempting Indian food and have a gala time with your loved ones and of course lots of Lohri dhol. And on this Lohri Special Sunday Brunch, Bollywood’s Punjabi beauty Rakul Preet Singh joins Curly Tales Editor-In-Chief Kamiya Jani to enjoy a delicious spread of delish dishes. Rakul has so many fond memories of celebrating Lohri with her family back in Delhi and she shared some stories on this episode of Sunday Brunch.

Rakul Preet Singh & Kamiya Enjoyed A Delectable Spread Of Indian Food

On this Lohri special Sunday Brunch, Rakul and Kamiya gorged on a lavish spread of some of the most tempting Indian delicacies in Juhu’s Pritam Day Dhaba. From Sarson Ka Saag to Makki Ki Roti, Fish Tikka, kebabs, and chickens, the Lohri brunch had everything.

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Rakul has been a Delhite all her life before shifting to Mumbai to fulfill her Bollywood dreams. Delhi is one of the best places in the country to enjoy good food and Rakul misses delicious saag like there in Mumbai. But the good thing is that the Bollywood actor finally found a place in Mumbai that serves tasty sarson ka saag on this episode. So if you are also looking for saag like Delhi in Mumbai, you know where to order from.

The Bollywood Actor Is Very Careful About What She Eats Everyday!

There is literally no alternative to consuming nutritious food to lead a healthy lifestyle. And Rakul is very attentive to what she consumes, no matter if it is any festival or tempting food rich in ghee. She has been eating healthy khaana for such a long time that she cannot eat such oily foods and she won’t like the taste of them. She grew up with such a discipline food palette since her childhood.

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To make the episode super entertaining, Rakul even played some fun games. She had to guess and identify some food items related to Lohri but the catch is that she was blindfolded. How many did Rakul guess correctly and did she excel at the game? To know that watch the Sunday Brunch episode right now.

There are more exciting games and lots of fun conversations in store for you. So make sure to enjoy the fun episode and also subscribe to the Curly Tales YouTube channel to watch more entertaining and interesting food and travel content.

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