Ramadan 2020: 10 Ways To Ring In The Festive Cheer

by Angel Merchant
Ramadan 2020: 10 Ways To Ring In The Festive Cheer

The spiritual and holy month of Ramadan is here and its is not just about daylight fasting. It’s about taking part in charitable deeds and coming closer together as a community. During this month, we tend to stay at home more often. So hopefully, this pandemic situation won’t be too hard on us. However, we might be missing out on a lot of fun activities like family get-togethers, fancy iftars, and much more. But worry not! We’ve put together a list of 10 ways you can ring in the festive cheer, from your homes.

1. Spruce Up Your Home

Before we can begin with all the fun decorations around the house, it would really help if you take the time out for some spring cleaning. As the month is a time of reflection, having a clean surrounding would be more conducive. Also, if you will be fasting during this month, getting done with the cleaning and organizing now is much better. It can help you conserve more of your energy when fasting.

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2. Stock Up On Essentials

The popular Arab Ramadan drink’s sales shoot up during this time ever year. Vimto would definitely be essential to stock up, and supermarkets have already begun to place offers on packs of them. Vimto, and Rooafzah- a rose flavored drink is a mandate during Ramadan. Products like Tang, fried items, and most importantly, dates are essentials everyone needs to stock up on. Those who aren’t fasting this month can also partake in the good deals and sales there will be on all the juicy fried items, and more.

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3. Make Some Iftar Items Beforehand

Many of us who are fasting, tend to indulge in fried items for iftar. While they aren’t the healthiest option, they are generally what iftars entail. Hence, to save time, it can be a lot easier if the fillings are made beforehand. Many of us fry samosas, and spring rolls. These can be made beforehand and placed in the freezer. So come Ramadan, all you need to do is take the fried stuff out of the freezer, and fry away. This can help save a lot of time, effort and energy during the fasting days of the coming holy month.

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4. Activities For Kids

When you fast, it is essential that you don’t tire yourselves out, and conserve energy. That might be rather difficult if you have kids around. So find ways to entertain the kids and plan their days beforehand. Sit with them, make a schedule with activities, games, etc. This way, hopefully, their days during Ramadan will go by slightly busy, allowing you to have more free time for yourself to indulge in this holy month.

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5. Ramadan Decorations

Spruce up the house with some fun decorations welcoming this holy month. Traditionally, lanterns and crescents have been used to celebrate the month. These decorations are easy to make at home, and can also be ordered online at only online shopping platform. Fairy lights are always a great idea, and most people already have them in their homes. This can also be a fun activity with your kids! You can get them to make posters, or little mini hand made decorations to put up around the house. This can both help keep them occupied, and make the house look more festive!

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6. Keep Fit

Prepare a nice workout schedule for yourself in Ramadan. Most people think fasting results in nice weight loss. However, if anything, many of us gain weight in Ramadan! The indulgent iftars can often result in overeating! It’s necessary to get some good workouts in. You can look for some short workout videos suited to you, and it can either be during or after your fast. Find a couple of videos now, that you can alternate through during Ramadan. This can help you stay fit, and energized for the entire month.

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7. Organize Eid Gifts

Eid falls right at the end of Ramadan. Normally, we would go about making some exciting getaways for Eid, however, with the current situation, that might not be the best idea. But decorations and presents are a mandate! It’s best to shop for Eid from now, so as not to rush things in Ramadan. You can shop online for presents for the family such as makeup, clothes, toys, everything is available on online shopping platforms. You can also check out some Eid decorations to put up around the house. Normally Eid means family gatherings, going out, and having fun. We may not be able to do that, so its all the more important to keep the cheer on at home. And putting up decorations around the house can really help.

8. Dedicate A Space For Prayer

Dedicate a small part of your house for your spiritual activities throughout the day. With the mosques locked down, prayer will be taking place at home. It would be helpful if everyone dedicated a small space for themselves for their worship, prayer, and spiritual activities.

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9. Ramadan TV Shows

Be on the lookout for some fun Ramadan TV shows! Many channels introduce special shows only during Ramadan time that air on TV. Many Ramadan themed cartoons come out only during this month, so be on the lookout for those! It can keep the kids occupied while you’re busy, and it can also provide some great family fun. You can google what channels offer the special Ramadan shows, or call your TV operator!

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10. Look Out For Ramadan Charities

During this blessed month, charities around the country flourish. There are many organizations that work towards making sure everyone has something to eat. Many charities put together iftar boxes, and work with labor camps and other organizations, to help all those less fortunate. So make sure you’re on the lookout for charities that you can contribute to in order to ensure that this holy month goes smoothly for everyone. Especially during these tough times, some people need help more than ever. Check out some of the accredited charities in the UAE, and contact them to find out how you can help.

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