Ramadan 2023: Volunteers In Collaboration With Dubai Police Distribute Iftar Boxes To Those Stuck In Traffic

by Deeplata Garde
Ramadan 2023: Volunteers In Collaboration With Dubai Police Distribute Iftar Boxes To Those Stuck In Traffic

It’s customary for Muslims to donate every month. Giving zakat or performing good acts during Ramadan is particularly valued. However, this year’s regulations have altered because it is now necessary to obtain permission before serving free meals during Ramadan. This pharmacy is doing just the right thing and handing out iftar boxes to those in need in Dubai. Let’s find out where are they carrying out this noble cause in Dubai.

Iftar Box Distribution At Barsha & Al Quoz

Iftar box
Pic Creds: FB/ Dubai Police

Aster Pharmacy has made volunteers to carry out this noble deed this Ramadan in Dubai. We see people returning home from work or even the ones travelling during the evening time. The traffic makes it hard for some to reach home on time for iftar. So how would they break their fast? Well, Volunteers at Aster Pharmacy came to the rescue in collaboration with Dubai police to help such people.

The volunteers with the help of some Dubai police officers gently walk to the vehicles and distribute the Iftar boxes. This gesture of helping somebody is beautiful. And the volunteers at the pharma company understood it well.

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What’s The Count Of The Boxes Distributed?

Iftar box
Credits: Canva

The initiative of Iftar box distribution is taking place at 17 sites in Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, and Ajman. You can expect almost 300 volunteers to participate in the daily project of Iftar Food Kit Distribution.

At intersections in Dubai, up to 3,000 food packets are given. Up to 500 kits may be given in Ajman, 300 packages may be distributed at the Deqdaqa Police Station in Ras Al Khaimah, and 100 packages may be distributed at the ADNOC gas station in Sharjah. For 30 days, the programme will distribute 117,000 Iftar boxes, with 3,900 food boxes being distributed every day. The boxes are assembled by Aster volunteers at their factory. The package includes a cookie, water, a cake, and drinks in addition to a packet of dates.

Humanity wins with such initiatives being taken by companies and restaurants. Dubai is a beautiful place to be and we can’t agree more after witnessing the noble deeds of people.

Cover Image Courtesy:FB/Dubai Police